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War for the Crown

Great nations proceed at the behest of a select few, and those select few are driven in turn by small things: whimsy, greed, fear, disease, love, or the right knife in the right back. The War for the Crown Adventure Path will take players up and down the length of Taldor and beyond, and while they run their blades through monsters and cast fireball against evil cultists, these champions of Taldor will play the deadliest game of the Taldan arena: politics. They’ll tangle with magical monsters, match wits with senators, and play dirty pool against some of the most skilled spies in the Inner Sea, all to stop the nation of Taldor from collapsing into civil war. If they avert the end of its 6,000 years of history and culture, then maybe, just maybe, they can steer the staunchly traditionalist nation toward the future.

The Adventure Path’s tone is one of action, espionage, and intrigue. The PCs are dashing rogues who sip exquisite drinks in formal clothes one night, only to crawl through the mud and cut down enemies the next. The ultimate goal is to help Princess Eutropia claim her birthright and ascend to the Lion Throne, hopefully without the struggle destroying her good intentions and optimism. The characters themselves start out with little political power. They may be minor nobles, merchants, or even commoners, but their adventures, their associations, and the gratitude of an empress will help them rise to become some of the most important figures in Taldor.

In a city of over 100,000 souls, the PCs may be friends, family, schoolmates, or complete strangers. Regardless of the heroes’ connection, the War for the Crown Adventure Path assumes each party member has some investment in Taldor and its future. They may be resource-strapped gentry trying to look out for their tenants, reformers who hope to make tomorrow better, or selfish schemers who want to climb the social ladder, but regardless of their motivation, they won’t back down once the chaos starts. Many of the campaign traits (see page 8) offer ways to tie a character’s past or future to Taldor’s government.

Campaign Resources

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The Relics of Taldor

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Characters at Opening

Wherever your character hails from, two things bind you to your fellow adventurers:the aforementioned desire to save Taldor from itself, and a woman named Lady Martella Lotheed. Whatever brought you into the public eye—your own political ambitions, a sports victory, a protest—also earned you the attention of this young schemer looking for fresh talent for her own growing web of intrigue. In exchange for your service, she offers coin, new clothes,and invitations to one of the most prestigious social events of the year: the Exaltation Gala, held in the senate building. Anyone in Taldor needing a favor, an ear to bend, or a patron can find one during this annual event,as senators and nobles alike gather for hours of food,wine, and music, as well as for official senate business to be conducted before the Grand Prince arrives to formally exalt a citizen. No matter your feelings on the busywork the Lady Lotheed has in mind, these invitations represent rare access to high society and networking opportunities that can change the courses of lives.

Campaign Guides for Players

Optional Feats to Belong to Great Houses

The eight players are divided into two teams at the outset. These are separate teams working for Lady Lotheed, who were recruited into those groups and sent on missions before the main adventure path starts:

Team 1
Character NamePlayerClassAlter Ego
Elsa VikeTracyOracleEsme
Mikhael Constantinus MattSummonerNone
Kavian Pollinus (Silanus) CurtBrawlerBenedictus
Cassia Karthis LindaBard DetectiveBlack Pearl
Team 2
Character NamePlayerClassAlter Ego
Iona des VauxMatthewClericLady Grey
Detash RoodDougNecromancerLuso Pearer
Tremerus MancinusAndyHunterTalon
Corwyn NethairEricRogueLars

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Agents of Change-Personal Advancement and Missions - House Rules

Characters at the end of the Campaign

Adventure Journal

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