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Corwyn Nethair

Class and Character Informaton

Class Rogue (Scout)
Level 4
Campagin Trait Child of Oppara
Home Oppera
Alter Ego (If Any)Lars

Position and Influence

Noble House Plecu
Noble Rank Lord (line inheritor)
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Oppera, Stachys
Relics of Taldor Daggers of the Lion's Blade



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Corwyn is a lean young man just entered into his majority. His hair is not the gray of age but has enough color to it show the difference. Despite being a noble, Corwyn does not yet groom facial hair in the Taldan fashion.


Corwyn Nethair is the only son of Opiter and Tiberia of Family Nethair of House Plecu. His parents had one child to satisfy inheritance and family expectations and then returned to their endless rounds of parties and balls. Corwyn was handed over to a series of nannies and other caretakers. As he has gotten older, it has become obvious that his parents were spending the family coffers into oblivion. When he looked back over the family history, he realized that it is not just his parents’ fault but had been going on for generations.

As luck would have it, Nonus was hired to be Corwyn’s personal manservant. Nonus was a thief and con man who had forged his credentials to get the job and used it to get access to high class homes where he could steal or extort. He did not expect to bond with Corwyn. Nonus opened Corwyn’s eyes to what was happening to his home and, also, introduced him to the underside of Taldor’s capitol. He also taught the youngster his skills. Unfortunately, Nonus’s past caught up eventually and he fled to prevent his enemies from using him against Corwyn. However, he still stays in touch with Corwyn. To date the missing thief and the capable manservant have not been connected.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Opiter Nethair House Plecu Father estranged Wants his money
Tiberia Nethair House Plecu Mother estranged Wants his money
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