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Cassia Karthis

Cassia has grown up within the high society of Oppara and is used to rubbing elbows with nobles. Her family sent her to Bard School, paying her costs with the understanding that afterwards she is on her own to succeed or fail. While at school she met and formed a bond with a group of friends: Stephana Zespire, Gratia Vulso and Victor Rufinus. Stephana was the leader of the group and we all spent much of our free time with her family and their activities. The school often sends groups of students to perform at many of the Opparan festivals and gatherings to maintain the support of the city. The four of us “Fruit of the Vine” were often chosen to represent the school.

Between her family’s treatment of her and the contrasting pictures of the noble society and the city population, Cassia has become somewhat disillusioned with many of the “Traditional” and standard practices of Oppara and Taldor. She wants Taldor to be Great again but not by returning to or clinging to the old ways instead Taldor must look to the future and include all citizens. It is only by giving everyone a stake in the success of Taldor that Taldor will grow, prosper and become a shining beacon to rival even the past glories.

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