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Age of Wonders


The PC’s find themselves in 1952, They should be heroic-minded 125 + 75-point constructions in the steampunk fashion. Active point cap is 40, and normal characteristic maxima are in effect.

They will be recruited by a private security enterprise with loose ties to government.

Japan was rebuilt by the Russians instead of the US and as such the Soviet Union is an internally strong and vibrant economy, it is entirely conceivable that they will come out on top as the dominant superpower.

The United States military machine remains very active, while cold-war like conditions exist, there is no Mutually Assured Destruction, and therefore hostilities are open and often hot. The world is a mess, with militaries stretched thin and garage-mechanics common, there are loads of opportunities for freelance “heroes” to find a place.

Russia + allies sees the US as a cultural poison that will destroy it from within if not clamped down upon, and the US + allies see the Russian model as an oppressive freedom-destroying evil empire.

Since energy is easy to create and requires no special tools or mechanics to do so, many frivolous and normally impractical designs are commonplace.

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