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House Rules

Stat Point System

In order to build Heroic characters, I have devised the following system for selecting characteristics for Pathfinder:

All Characteristics start at 10. In order to buy up each characteristic by 1, it costs 1 point. No characteristic may be purchased past an 18 (this is before the racial modifiers). Players may sell down stats to a 7 in order to gain points.

Players have 23 points to spend on their characteristics.

Thus, you can have two 18’s, a 17 and three 10’s.

Spell Point System

A character has one spell point for every level of spell he or she can cast for that class. These points are then spent on a one to one basis on spells. Cantrips cost a 1/2 point. (Unless they are considered to be free for that class). Characters must still spend the required time in study, resting or prayer in order to recover spell points.


Allowyn is a third level mage who can cast 4 cantrips, 2 first level spells, and 1 second level spell each day. He has a total of 6 spell points.

4 Cantrips X 1/2 = 2 Points

2 1st Level X1 = 2 Points

1 2nd Level X2 = 2 Points

Total = 6 Points

The points can then be spent on any combination of spells. Allowyn might choose to cast three 2nd level spells, or one 2nd level spells and three 1st level spells and two cantrips.

Each character class has its own spell point pool. A character with 3 levels in Wizard and 3 Levels in Cleric would have two pools of spell points.

Mana Calculator

Play Balance

A spell point system creates a disadvantage for spell casters who do not have to pre-select spells. As such, the first point of consideration is addressing this issue of balance.

Extra Metamagic and Spell Creation Feats

When using this system, any caster class that would normally not have to pre-select its spells will receive the following:

Class Level 1: Free Meta-magic/Casting Feat

Class Level 7: Free Meta-magic/Casting Feat

Class Level 14: Free Meta-magic/Casting Feat

Class Level 21: Free Meta-magic/Casting Feat

The feat will continue for every 7th Class Level past 21 (i.e. 28, 35 etc.)

These feats will be limited to either meta-magic feats, or casting specific feats (e.g. the Bard can choose a feat that assists with performance). Classes that gain spell casting at later class levels must wait to receive their first feat until they can cast spells.

Additional Spell Points

For each level, add the characteristic bonus to the number of spells known, up x2 the number of spells known, retroactively.

A Level 6 Sorcerer with a Charisma of 18 (+4) knows:

0 (cantrips) 1st lvl Spells 2nd lvl Spells 3rd lvl Spells
7 base +4cha 4 base +4cha 2 base +2cha 1 base +1cha

Note on Divine Spells

Divine spell casters do NOT get 100% of spells listed in every book. They may choose to have reveled to them their Characteristic Bonus X3 at each level.

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