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March Upcountry

Find Fame and Fortune on Ceradonlay III Find Fame and Fortune on Ceradonlay III
AbadarCorp is seeking brave souls to help in its exploration and research of Ceradonlay III, a planet discovered in the Vast.

That is the call followed by hundreds of souls looking for adventure and riches. This is the story of seven of them who never made it to Ceradonlay III as planned, but found themselves diverted by Hell itself. Now, marooned deep in the Vast, the group must use what little they have, their wits, and their luck to travel around an unnamed moon to a mysterious space bridge in the hopes there is technology there to build a ship and get home. Otherwise, this strange new world will be their new home forever.

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Name Player Race Race Subtype Theme Class Subclass
Danora Steelmine, Bold Explorer Linda Dweri N/A Starfarer Technomancer N/A
Sheelen Diriac Eric Lashunta CHA Starfarer Envoy N/A
Zurbaz Matt Shirren N/A Starfarer Mechanic Exocortex
Rin Guspen Doug Human N/A Starfarer Operative ?
Kento Eto Andy Kasathas N/A Outlaw Operative Ghost
Vash’uur Matthew Vesk N/A Starfarer Soldier Guard
Harmony Flow Curt Android N/A Starfarer N/A

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