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  • Tide locked to Gas Giant
    • Gas Giant is Red with two large storms
    • Distance to star is 320K miles
      • Sun is dimmer than Pact Sun
      • More Orange and cooler
    • Orbit of 30 Days
    • 40% Earth Gravity
    • 0.9 Atmospheres of pressure, thanks to toroidal effect on atmosphere
    • Atmosphere high in Greenhouse gases and ends up with evened out temperature despite slow spin.
    • 10,400 Miles Circumference at Equator
    • Landing is 4,400 miles from Space Bridge
    • Carbon based life, with edible plants and animals
    • Plants clearly adapted to go without light for 15 days
      • Plants are very Green, reflecting the widest bands of light during the day
      • In Darkness, they change color to purple, adsorbing more light
    • Animals are Hexapods
    • Space Bridge facing Gas Giant
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