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Adventure Journal

Episode 1: Hell is Coming to Breakfast


The group finds they are part of 24 people bumped from the AbadarCorp Jane Manwel by a traveling Diva, Sharrol Charge, (Human) and her entourage. The Dweri manager, Al Hillsdale Starmover, ticked off at his organization being wrecked, offered to send anyone bumpbed, as crew, at no cost, on the AbadarCorp Slinger 17, a “sling-ship” fast cargo ship. Characters were told they would pay no costs, have no debt upon arrival, and get paid 50 Credits worth of UPB upon arrival, which have better value on Sirona 3 than Credits, because of inflated prices. Further as crew, the characters will told they would be allowed to wear side arms, and keep other weapons locked in their cabins as crew

AbadarCorp Slinger 17 is a three-part ship, with engines in the back, a cargo area in the middle to facilitate “self-drops” (Like out the back of a C-130) and then the bridge and crew areas. The bridge can explosively detach as a lifeboat, with thrusters.

Normal Crew of 20, but only has 6 at the moment. Characters were assigned to help with various duties, such as Helm, Engineering, and Science.

Current Crew:

  • Captain Senvar Starmover (M, Dweri, Envoy)
  • 1st Officer Drakmar Givvens (M, Vesk, Mystic)
  • 1st Engineer Ginny Vin (F, Gnome, Mechanic)
  • 2rd Engineer Jaxractor (M, Lashunta, Operator)
  • Cargo Chief “Jumpy” Sem (M, Ysoki, Operator)
  • Vilmake Avril, Ship’s “Doctor” (M, Human)

After settling into shifts, Danora said would make sure to scan the Drift for objects, as this was of interested to her. Vash’uurnoted he was investigating the cargo, and ran afoul of “Jump” but did learn what they were transporting. The others engaged in normal activities.

It was third shift on day 4, out of an expected 6 day trip. Because Danora was paying close attention, she noticed a rift forming and warned Sheelen. Harmony overhearing, went ahead and dodged the rift, which instead of being another ship entering Drift Space, it was in fact a torn away piece of Hell.

The materializing infernal plane included a jagged spire of rock, which had the ship continued on its old course, would have materialized inside the back of the ship. Instead, the port wing was ripped away. Harmony rolled two natural 20s in a row to avoid being speared and keep control of the ship and even move away from the new land below.

Meanwhile, back Zurbaz kept reactor working with NPCs to keep the reactors operational. Each roll bought a bit more time. This allowed Harmony to keep the ship under control. They ended up dying in the shut-down. He moved forward to secondary engineering.

Kento went for Gun up front and Danora moved from Science to the other gun. Both fired at winged demons with laser eyes.

Vash’uur tried to save Captain from an Imp which had materialized in the ship but failed and was ordered to a gun by the First office. The First officer went back to help others fight the infestation of an ice demon.

Zurbaz and Kento worked to shoot the flying demons and managed to destroy them, but not before they landed several hits on the Port side of the ship. Harmony was unable to control the ship well enough to aim away from the attacks, but achieved a final role to get safely away from he land.

Danora noted a giant cybernetic worm emerge from a new portal. This creature, covered in metal feathers which rent drift space, began cutting the drift in a circle to reclaim the piece of Hell. It screamed out a cone causing a void to suck in the demons. A second one arrived and opened a portal to normal space which the ship tumbled through.

That damage of the demon attacks meant the reactor had to be shut down. Zurbaz kept it from a total explosion, but only through the sacrifice of the Chief Engineer and crew. The First Officer ordered Zurbaz to front and to blow the bolts between the front and the back. He sent the injured Rin with Zurbaz, who was put into the forward hull’s med bay. The First Officer said survivors aft would try escape pods.

On the other side, Harmony managed to regain control of the ship using thrusters. The ship was now on a course to collide with a moon in orbit of a large gas giant. Danora monitored the sensors and noted the moon was habitable. It was clear where they were headed. Vash’uur noted the cargo would be great to get and while Harmony held the ship steady, four others remotely piloted the cargo pods down to the moon. Three pods survived, the Exploration Buggies, a Fuel Still, and the Explorations ATV.

Zurbaz blew the bolts and Harmony safely piloted the ship to a plain on the far side of the moon from the Gas Giant. Radiation leak from reactors force them to abandon the ship. The team striped the ship and headed for the still 10 miles away.

Danora was able to scan the planet with its details. A quick scan of the plants showed that with supplements from rations, the party could live her for some time. The group set off, Rin on a stretcher, to get to the still. Once arriving at the still without incident, they set up to rest, and stocked it to begin making fuel.

Episode 2: March to Roll


Rin finally wakes up enough to move and the team explains to him what happened, since last he knew, he was going to sleep in his bunk. The group shuts down the still, and begins the March to the Buggies, which are closest. As they marched, they choose to name the gas giant Rhodal and the moon they were on Hexama Along the way, they are attached by a pack of flying creatures they had seen earlier. Danora names them “Bone Mantis”. After a brutal attack, the party drove them away, and harvested their bodies for food, claws and their mafig stingers. The team spent 10 hours camped to recover from the fight before moving on.

The team was able to get to the buggies and ATV without further incident. They brought the ATV back to the Still and topped off all the vehicles. They began the trip, headed towards the equator diagonally. At this point, nearly 7 days have passed, and the sun was setting. The team stopped as it reached the edge of the forest on the equator before heading west. They can only move at half speed in the dark, and have noted the large herbivores, they called Elifinos, were burying themselves into the ground. They also noted the jet powered flying creatures, they called Skorka did not seem to be settling down for the long night.

Episode 3: Bridge to the Stars

Bone Mantis

The first night at the forest edge, the team was inundated Moon Midges eaten by echolocating Sixbats. These threatened to block up the filters on the still and the ATV. Danora worked with Zurbaz to create an ultrasonic field that repulsed the bugs.

Approaching the coast, they found a large river flowing into the sea. The team headed north to find a mile-long ford. Kento, covered by Vash’uur, explored the Ford. Kento was able to chart a pathway through the Ford, avoiding a Near-Croc. Waiting to recover and rest, Vash’urr and Kento hunted Mole-pigs. Harmony fished, and there we plenty of food to add to their low stocks. The next day, Driving, across the river ford, a buggy got stuck, but was freed by the other buggy. All made it safely across and the group moved across the mid-point, to the side facing the gas giant.

As the re-entered planes, the team encountered a hunting party of on natives. The party were riding near horses they called Slapes, and Elifinos. Their leader was Baron Cornok. The alien riders were clearly not related to life on this world as they were bipeds. The group called them Hexamen.

Sheelen and Danora went to talk to the party and ended up trading Bone Mantis blades and stingers for passage. They passed through barbarian territory, and one the second day, left a tribute pile to divert them. Finally, they arrived as the mountains surrounding a large area, along which the space bridge was attached. They went from the city state guarding this pass to the quasi-religious state at the base of the mountain.

They went to the top of the mountain and managed to get into the facility. Zurbaz went in down a rope, from the hole for the elevator car. He was able to gain entrance to the base and with Danroa’s help to translate, get the cars started again, and open the doors to the outside. The whole team was able to go up to the space station, though the elevator car no longer had atmospheric integrity.

There the group found the portal and the original ship which brought it here at sub light speeds. The whole station appears to have been assembled of units sent through the portal and put together on this side. There is one operating tug left, which could pull up any of the vehicles let on the moon once refueled. Several parts of the station do not have life support, and the whole entity is over 700 years old, with its automatic maintenance slowly failing. It will take weeks to restore.

Episode 4: Security in the Stars

Hexaman's View of Rhodal

The team has been working on getting the station operational. Vash’uur is riding down the new elevator to the bottom, while Danora and Zurbaz work in the control room. Having nothing else to do, Harmony and Sheleen break off into a team, as do the two operatives, to investigate the living quarters on the station. This is one of the few areas with life support. All over the station, it is clear either in madness or suicide, the hull was breached.

When the elevator locked in at the bottom, the lights turned red, and the control room was locked out. All doors that still operated were flung open. Alarms blaring, 10 security bots dropped from the ceiling in three groups (4, 3 and 3). Moving towards the team, there was a shoot-out. Danora and Sheleen took the brunt of the damage, with the operatives dealing out most of the damage. Things look bleak in the control room, until Zurbaz expertly shot through the control systems for the final bot attack them there. Even before all the bots were destroyed, Zurbaz and Danora ripped apart the consoles to regain control. After an hour, they had full control, and poor Vash’uur could get out of the elevator.

Over the next several days, the group worked hard to get the station stabilized. Sheleen went down to talk to the Hexamen and was met by priests in plague garb. The locals were surprisingly open to the news the plague was over. The leaders were clear that their ancestors wanted a simple way of life and pointed out that was what kept them alive. However, they acknowledged there were younger Hexamen, and people from different city-states who might be interested in reclaiming the technology of their ancestors. This started them finding and identifying Hexamen interested in learning new ways. Sheleen also secured access to water from the world, that the space station, using its tap on Rhodal’s electromagnetic field, could crack into fuel for the Tug.

In the following 13 weeks, Zurbaz, Vash’uur and Danora taught the Hexamen as they fixed the space station. Danora and Harmony brought the medical bays back online for emergencies, and had the materials needed to make sure they had all the supplements needed. The now fueled tug could survey Hexama, and, just, bring up the crashed ship. While flying, the team was able to rescue 1st Officer Drakmar Givvens, who was trapped in his pod. He was paralyzed on the flight down, and had been using his magic to stay alive, while being helped by friendly aliens. There is not much the team can do for him, and shortly after return, he slipped into a coma. He is stable with daily healing from Harmony but will need a modern sickbay to recover. They also found the damaged pod of Jumpy, but it looked as if the barbarians had killed him.

Now the party is working to finished stabilizing the space station, get the Hexamen trained enough to operate it, and use what the have to build a way home.

Episode 5: From the Mountains to the Sky

Zurbaz notes they need more lithium, selenium, and titanium to complete their ship and further repairs of the space station. Harmony is on Hexama, recruiting new Hexamen into a whole new way of life. The rest of the group lands the tug at the bottom of a steep plateau to investigate an old lithium mine. As they go up the old road, they are forced to bridge a washed-out gap. Immediately on the other side, they are confronted with a giant creature, not unlike a Mountain Eel from Castroval. It seized Shellen in its jaws and threw him away, almost killing him. With no healer present, the group fought a desperate battle to defeat the foe. After several more devastating attacks on the party, the giant beast fled, wounded.

The group secured the site, chasing away many Bone Mantis with their tug, and engaged the locals in restarting the operation, after they worked on the road. Setting their sites on titanium, they flew to a nearby asteroid in the trojan orbit of Rhodal. There they docked and cut their way into the old mine. Shortly after entering, Danora identified Akata cocoons. The group moved back and held an intersection against the monsters. Rin was infected by a bite during the fight, but the group managed to kill the creatures and destroy the remaining cocoons. Kento flew Rin back to Harmony for treatment, while the rest prepped the mine to obtain titanium. They also found a corpse of a similar creature to on the moon, suggesting the eel-like beings are not necessarily native to Hexama but the Rhodal moon system.

Episode 6: Spaceship in the Dark I

The team’s detection of a Derelict craft excites them. However, is in an orbit three weeks away. The ship is the Belan, a Frontier Class ship, designed to be both built on site with constructed materials and items from home (all 10’ diameter or less).

Why go?

  • Ship taken apart, would have more than enough salvage to complete their ship and leave the system
  • Mystery of what happened
  • Tug has booster and long-range living pod that attach in the cargo section and big engine
  • Attachable inflated fuel tanks
  • Outer ring of station has rail launch system to spin up to speed and get slung off at high velocity. Will take 10 hours at 1 G (maximum it will run)
  • Has enough fuel to complete trip and come back, but no more.

The team used the booster pod and flew out to intercept the ship. As they drew closer the team noticed upon approach it’s not heat emanating from the fusion reactors, yet the ship still seemed to have power. In certain areas, it was hot, in others cold. A mystic energy seemed to be emanating from the ship.

The cargo bay doors were open, and in the area for the ship’s tug was clear, allowing them to land and dock within the ship. Harmony made a very hard Landing but seemed to avoid damage. Moving to the cargo hold, the team noticed most of the internal drone base was empty and what was left with in pieces due to long term radiation exposure. They made their way to the repair Bay where they were attacked by the same security bots as on the station.

The robots able to use their magical Darkness to confuse the group but they were able to defeat them too much trouble parts and repair Bay versus efficient complete the electronics of their spaceship and time to restore them into their spaceship under the tug.

Moving into the central connecting area, they countered several techno-zombies. They fought, with some damage before being able to overwhelm them. The team noted the ship was powered and had life support in that section, though no one dared remove his helmet.

Moving towards the Command Deck they passed through the room of empty acceleration couches. Above that does the main Command Deck. Zurbaz went first followed by Vashur. As he poked his head and, Zurbaz saw that all 11 stations had skeletons. They took notice of him and started out from their stations. Zurbaz started to talk about it, but Vashur was impatient and pushed him through into the room as the undead arose. . .

Episode 7: Spaceship in the Dark II

Zurbaz floated into the room to the ceiling taking a position to fire the advancing skeletons. Harmony things are balls being thrown in sure up into the tunnel the two of them were then in the room. This began grenades featuring Successful by Vashur in the beginning shooting Zurbaz passageway being blocked it was difficult for anyone to get into the room seed of acrobatics Kento was able to get in and begin fighting. Rest of the team except for Danora into the room. During the fight, there are several uses of grenades most of which resulted in grenades bouncing around the room and exploding doing damage not just in the skeletons but to members of the party. After Vashur took several bad hits from concentrated fire, Harmony healed him and was shot at by every skeleton except the one engaged in hand-to-hand with Kento. Nearly dead, Harmony retreated below followed by the rest of the team who managed to take out two more skeletons on the way. Shellen shut the door as Vashur ran his bone mantis sword in the door-wheel into place.

Taking a few minutes, the team worked to recover, and the banging at the door above ceased after 5 minutes. Zurbaz use the acceleration couches to create a barricade. Vashur set up every frag grenade he had so that when the door would be open the grenade should be tossed to the top of the door. He ripped free the sword and the remaining skeletons caught in the blast of the frag grenades slaying all but 4. Those 4 came into the room. Already damaged from the previous fighting, Danora nearly killed them with Cone of Fire. The team easily dealt with the remaining and retreated to the tug to rest and recuperate.

They found the docking clamps were mangled and the tug would not take off. While the team recuperated for two days with Harmony recovering spells and healing, Zurbaz assembled 2 drones out of leftover drone material to explore.

Ready to move forward after recovering the next room, the Command Deck and found nothing and moved into it moving the Drone into the lower bridge, which housed another corpse. It did not respond to the presence of the drone at all. It did respond when Kento have went into the room, and it begin attacking. Simultaneously auto defense cannons begin firing in both rooms. Danora fled to the Command Deck. Vashur worked on the laser cannons on the lower floor, while Zurbaz took out the two laser cannons for the floor with the corpse. Kento fought defensivly against the corpse, which oddly, which fought poorly. With Kento on the verge of defeat, the Corpse switched targets to attack Vashur and was defeated. As it died it said, “At last”, to which the group felt it must have been fighting under compulsion.

The team determined that this was the undead body of the ship’s first officer. In addition to the weapons they had looted from these levels perhaps the greatest find was an intact datapad on the body of the first officer.

On the bridge or two people hands clasped wrapped around their arms regular Corpses lot Undead.

The party again retreated to the tug to rest and recuperate. Zurbaz confirmed that not only were the docking clamps damaged he directed to the engines getting sucked away. In order to leave group will have to unlock the secret of the Spaceship in the Dark.

Adventure Loot
Item Quantity
Laser Rifles (1d8 Burn on Crit) 7
Survival Knives 8
Clear Weave Armor I 8
Dual Acid Dart Rifle (8 shots) (1d6 acid on crit) 1
LFO Power Gauntlet (2d6) 1
Handcoil Expolrer Pistol 6
Data Pad (to be cracked) 1

Level 4

Episode 8: Spaceship in the Dark III

Data Pad Contents: The datapad is the personal log of the First Officer for his last entry. It shows him making his last recording.

I cannot believe it has come to this. To find the cure and then to watch it all fall apart. I watched as that thing erupted form Dr. Urial on the screen. It killed the whole room and shut down the portal! Even if we can get the ship’s computers back in operation after the virus attack, we cannot save anyone. I can only hope they find a cure back on Vigal (their homeworld).

Captain Zialkan has gone mad. He and Chaplin Giatar are planning a horrible ritual. Enough of the crew of following him I cannot stop them. I have blocked of the Command Center and Bridge, but will it keep us safe? Is this the end of us all?

Having regrouped and refreshed, party chose to go in to the Starboard rotational section. They found it was under Gravity and while the spin was disturbing and some of them got nauseated they could adjust.

The group, Explored the Sick Bay where they found three Corpses in isolation wards, all plague victims. A shadow of one of them was trapped in the ward, and they a released and dissipated. it They looted medical supplies I moved on to the labs. Here they found a data pad that recorded there was a cure, and that it was growing in berries in the garden. Hoping it was still there, the group hurried through the rest of the labs.

They headed into the Garden, following the path. Ad they moved past the fountain they were beset by tendril shaped water elementals that nearly killed Vashur in an attack. They fought back, and managed to kill all but one of the five water Elementals, with the last fleeing downstream.

They retreated out of the garden to recover.

Advancing again, a black corpse fiend surprised them. Immediately they begin firing, but it let out fire from its eyes and randomly teleported several of the party members and leaving only Harmony and Zurbaz untouched. Shellen only when a short distance away, however and was fast back in the fight. Rin was teleported back out of the Hydroponics Garden entirely. Danora and Vashur into the forest and Kento landed on the path within sight of what they were looking for but were now trees not bushes.

Vashur vaulted out of the river avoiding the water Elemental and charged back down the path towards the Crypt scenes. Kento ran all the way back to engage the Crypt fiend across the path. Danora was beset a giant Birds defending their nest. Rin re-entered the garden and helped get Danora away from the birds while the other is dealt with the Crypt fiend. while they seemed on the verge of victory, the crypt fiend disappeared, teleporting away. The party delt with the remaining water Elemental on the way out and went to explore the cargo tube for the starboard section.

Episode 9: Spaceship in the Dark IV

Closing on their final objective, the party swiftly dispatched the security robots in the Port Rotation and moved through the quarters inside. In the Captain’s quarters, they found another data pad, and the full story of the Belan.

  • The Belan was setting up a He3 Station at the next Gas Giant when the plague erupted. It had already been out of physical contact for 10 months.
  • Plague appeared all over civilization, and appeared to have been dormant for some time, transmission might have been going on for over a year
  • Infected people could get symptoms at any time
    • Symptoms were increased aggression and violence (28 days sort of thing)
    • Exposure to others in active stage made activation more likely
    • Working on a cure seems to accelerate things very much as well
  • Belan came back to take on samples and infected individuals and work on a cure
    • Plague was created to adapt to beings with nervous systems
    • Magical component
    • High degree of biological tech, more advanced than what players have seen
  • Could not transmit Cure because somethings on the station took off their human body suits and shut down the portal and attacked the station
  • Activated computer virus which they had already transmitted, effectively killing the Belan and erasing its records
    • Doctors had backups which could be recovered in med labs
    • Samples and bodies in med labs
  • Captain seeing his race’s last hope stolen by alien monsters lost it, and swore an oath to avenge his race, even in death. He committed a ritual suicide with the help of the ship’s priest, turning to their darker gods.
    • Not known what, if any gods responded
    • However, as crew died, they turned into undead, mostly skeletons, the Captain is a Lich, his priest a Ghost sealed in a room with holy symbols by crew who sacrificed themselves.
  • Moving on from there, they overwhelmed more technozombies in the dining hall, and moved aft to the Priest’s quarters and found the seal needed to unlock the pathway to Engineering. Spending a day to recover, the party learned that the object headed towards Hexama was both guided and escorted.

Moving into Engineering, the party encountered the Captain and told him his race was not dead, but under threat. The Captain bid them depart and sent fuel to them telekinetically. As they fueled the Tug, the Belan moved away under arcane power tied to the negative plane. The group returned to Hexama.

On the way, Zurbaz and Vashur prepped the supplies for install on the Dawn Chaser. They had the whole party practice installations. On arrival, slowed by the ring, they immediately completed the ship and launched to take on the intruders.

Level 5

The Final Battle

Racing across the system, the Dawn Chaser was faster than anything flown in the system before. Scanning the threat, Harmony was able to commune and divine they were MI-Go. The great KEW was powered by attached thrusters. It was escorted by four organic fighters and a ship similar in size to the Dawn Chaser. In a blazing fight, with many near misses, the party was able to blow the Mi-Go ship apart, cutting it in two with its Coil Gun. The remaining fighters were easy to dispatch. While the Dawn Chaser was hurt, no critical systems were damaged. As it retreated from the KEW, the Belan came onto the scanners and streaked towards the KEW. It collided and created a mighty implosion, ripping space and time, and utterly destroying the Mi-Go weapon.

The group returned to Hexama to a hero’s welcome. They spent three more weeks repairing their ship and helping to establish the He3 factory. The Hexamen asked that the party not tell the Pact Worlds their location, lest they be overwhelmed before they were ready. Bidding a fond farewell, they left the system, and half a day later, appeared outside Absalom Station.

Season I Epilogue

Arriving at Absalom Station, the party was greeted with surprise and wonder. Abadarcorp rewarded them for the return of the first officer, Drakmar Givvens. There was also interviews and press, and payments for providing a great story. Over a year had passed since the team had left for the world of Ceradonlay III. Now they returned with a fantastic story and money in their pockets. Most of all, they team has bonded into a tight, effective unit. Who knows what great adventure lay ahead for the crew of the Dawn Chaser

Level 6

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