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Tales of the Starlight Drifter

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Anatoli Viktor PetrovichMoraImperial AgentLow born man who spent decades undercover to fight organized criminal organizations. Moved to Directorship and now is ready to leave the desk job behind.
Sharri DuncanMoraBrokerLife long boring life as a Broker for Xenander Connections, inherited a Far Trader, The Starlight Drifter from a previously unknown great aunt. Now she is ready to have a life of adventure.
Sgt. HansonTenalphiStar MarineAfter a life of being on the front lines, Sgt. Hanson was moved to the back after an injury. After a windfall gambling, he decided to retire and hire himself out to get back on the front lines of action.
Galen CastorMoraPirateAfter a strong career in piracy and other scams, Galen Castor wanted to leave running a crooked space casino and get back into more hands on activities.
Rally OwensMoraPerformerA first born son of a knight not wanting that life, Rally Owens is now a incredibly well known music star. After a run in with a stalker, he is looking to leave his homeworld and try a change among the stars.

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