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Rally Owens

Character Information

Career(s) Music Star
Homeworld Mora
Social Status15



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Long haired, slender with handsome but rough looks of someone living his life to the fullest.


Rally Ownes, as he is known across the Marches today, was born Corrigan Viniri Lexrell V heir to the Knighthood of the Imessa Plateau. He spent a youth rebelling against the life laid out for him, and at 18, left home to becoming an entertainer singing exactly the sort of music his father hated.

Early on in his journey, met with Connly Veeturo, a very attractive young lady with connections to venues and drugs. It was then Rally adopted his stage name (later made legal) and begin to play for audiences. It was also the start of his use of various substances to aid in his playing. This landed both him and Connly into rehab after about half a decade.

Here, the famous “Rally Luck” really kicked in. It was in rehab where Rally met several of the Mora celebrity set and became involved with playing and partying in the higher circles of the planet. This ultimately led to Connly and Rally parting on decent terms with found memories as she went on to become a broadcaster in the local news.

Over the next decade, the mythic status of Rally Owens grew, even if his music did not much improve. There were patrons who supported his music, opening doors and pushing his career along. By 36, the wealthy seasoned ladies of society, Lady Rivriel Xenander, CEO of Xenander Connections and Lady Ikuri Tabdan, Chair of the Board of The Solari Firm were both sponsors and continue to be friendly to this day.

Rally took the route of many famous people and waded into politics, specifically against his father, Sir Lexrell. The specifics were over living conditions and poor maintenance, which as it happened, were totally valid. The feud went on for years, leaving him with his father as more than a rival, but an enemy. However, Lexrell still loves his son, and the enmity is not high, which is fortunate for Rally, as Sir Lexrell has significant power and influence on Mora and beyond.

Rally’s lifestyle finally caught up with him, as did a stalking fan. He was helped by local military police and made a friend of a fan in the department, Captain Kellrin Jhosten (2/2/2). After a rather harrowing public encounter, Rally decided that maybe some time off planet would be helpful. He had all the fame he was going to get and some cash in his pocket, and even some income from a couple of ship shares he did not remember buying. As always, Lucky Rally is throwing the dice on the next adventure. “

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/Influence
Lady Rivriel XenanderCEO of Xenander ConnectionsRally OwensPatron+3/3/3
Lady Ikuri TabdanChair of the Board of The Solari FirmRally OwensPatron+2/4/3
Captain Kellrin JhostenCaptain Military PoliceRally OwensContact+2/2/2
Sir Corrigan Viniri Lexrell IVKnight of the Imessa Plateau.Rally OwensFather-1/4/5
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