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Sgt. Hanson (ret.)

Character Information

Career(s) Star Marine
Homeworld Tenalphi
Social Status4



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Obvious grizzled vet who is graying soon for his years. Moves with the assurance and efficency of a man who has been trained for combat.


Sergeant Hanson is a veteran Marine from Tenalphi in the Lunion sector of the Spinward Marches. He never knew his father and his mother died when he was 5. He was raised by the local farming community. As a child, he showed an intuitive knack for figuring things out, despite a meager formal education. As an adolescent, he grew into a formidable man, like a throwback to the ancient people's from Earth who became the Sword Worlders and who settled the world over two hundred years ago.

He was recruited by the Marines and given the opportunity to be educated at the Marine Acdamey, where the genial giant partied hard and almost did not graduate. From there he went to 5 tours in the Marines. In the early years, he took part in several minor actions, and three significant actions against Swordworlder actions and pirates. In his third term, he disarmed a pirate at negotiations which were supposed to be weapon free. This saved many lives including that of Colonel Rhien and earned him an easy promotion, and membership in the Traveller's Aid Society as a gift from a grateful merchant Captain.

It was in his fourth term that disaster struck, and the foolish young lieutenant, Sephriel Cruz, ignored Hanson's advice and caused the needless death of over 50 Marines, and severely injured the sergeant. Hanson felt forced to turn him in, causing Lt. Cruz to be court martial and ejected from the service. Hanson recovered, but the injuries cased his age to catch up to him. Because of his long recovery, his final term had him planet side, in advanced training on power systems. Despite being assigned to security for to Galen Cole as he exited the pirate life, the newly promoted Hanson was quite bord. He began to spend more time gambling. Never luckly, this usually meant he lost what he wagered. Until he didn't. Hanson had nothing but luck one night, and found he had Cr120.000 as the sun was coming up. He decided to retire.

Now Sergeant Hanson is looking for adventure.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/Influence
Sephriel CruzDisgraced former Lt. Sgt. HansonFormer Commander-4/1/2
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