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Mind Jammer

Resonant Dust


It is 193 NCE. The players work for ExSol, a problem solving organization in the Darradine Rim. This is but one octant of 26 sectors, each of 125 subsectors of 8 octants apiece of the Commonality.

ExSol solves any problem, using various employees, workers, machines and resources. Any skills are useful to ExSol as it literally will solve any problem in return for credits, resources and influence. Players therefore can have any skill, stunt and aspect set, being any form of human, xenopmorph or construct.

Character Creation Rules

Home Rule Tweaks:

The characters will all receive the Mindscape Implant (in the appropriate flavor) for free so that will not come out of the Extras budget. Further, each character will receive an additional two (2) Stunts in the Extras budget for four (4) total, instead of 2. This is the number listed below. Finally, characters my purchase additional aspects at the cost of 2 Stunts per Aspect as noted below.

Character Creation Checklist (pages are all in Mindjammer Main book) When you create a character, go through the following steps:

  1. Choose your character concept (page 21).
  2. Choose your culture (page 19), and one cultural aspect
  3. Choose your genotype (page 20), and possibly one or more mandatory aspects and extras.
  4. Choose your occupation (page 20).
  5. Create your high concept aspect (page 21).
  6. Create your trouble aspect (page 21).
  7. Choose a name (page 22).
  8. Go through the three phases and create your phase trio aspects (page 22).
  9. Choose one Great (+4), two Good (+3), three Fair (+2), and four Average (+1) skills (page 25).
  10. Choose at least three (3) and no more than five (5) stunts (page 26).
  11. Write down your refresh (page 26) on your character sheet.
    1. This is:
      1. Refresh 5 if you have 3 stunts
      2. Refresh 4 if you have 4 stunts
      3. Refresh 3 if you have 5 stunts.
  12. Choose extras (equipment, enhancements, organisations, etc — see page 27) using your extras budget.
    1. You get to spend:
      1. 1 aspect
      2. 4 stunts
      3. 6 skill levels
    2. If you have any mandatory genotype aspects (above), these come out of your extras budget.
    3. You may convert 2 stunts to 1 aspect
  13. Write down which extras are in your halo (page 28); the rest go in the “Other Extras” section of the character sheet.
  14. Calculate your stress and consequences (page 28).
  15. Write down your tech index (based on your culture) on your character sheet (page 28).
  16. Write down your habituated gravity (usually standard gravity, but you may choose another) on your character sheet (page 28).
  17. Jot down any other starting equipment (page 28).

Campaign Resources



Adventure Journal

Episode 2: Taxi Service

Episode 1: Getting to Know You

The characters are all told to report to the ExSol HQ for the Darradine Rim, ExSol 7. ExSol 7 orbits 3 light minutes preceding Ajeux, the capital of the Darradine sector. The massive station is composed of 7 ExSol ship models

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