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Commonality Cultural Center

The Rim is being readied for full adsorption in the overall culture of the Commonality. In the days before 3-space, the Commonality pushed people from the Core Worlds out, to help be the beacon of enlightenment. However, being away from the Core Worlds can weigh on the most balanced citizen. SciForce created the Commonality Cultural Center as a place where Core Wolders can go to rest and revitalize. Here, the attendees can experience life as it is in the Core Worlds, complete with no need for currency, all the comforts of home, and practice the byzantine social rituals. It is like a touch of the Core World right in the rim.

Less popular in systems with 3 space access, they are still big in the rest of the Rim. They are called “Comm Clubs” in slang by a lot of people on the Rim, but “The C3” by Core Wolders. Access is limited to the right culturally appropriate people. In some places, locals feel quite privileged to access the clubs, usually off limits to them.

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