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The Darradine Rim is octant gamma of the Darradine Restoration subsector, subsector TX2.4.2 of the Rim Sector on the edge of Commonality Space. A region of intense exploratory activity badly affected by the Venu War of 110-120 NCE, it borders the Quarantine Zone with the Venu Empire, and is a hotbed of activity against the Commonality’s nefarious foe.

Like all Commonality Space, the Darradine Rim has been opened up in the last two centuries. It contains numerous rediscovered worlds, populated by humans during the First Age of Space; several hominid and xenomorph species; and significant alien presences at Drefnia and Zvukimu. The octant capital at Ajeux is also the subsector capital, and is some 250 light years from the sector capital of Tsentair.

The Darradine Rim schematic shows the 21 star systems which are significant to the Commonality; like all octants, there are many other systems which are either undiscovered or which have only been cursorily surveyed by drone. The octant contains some 4000 stellar bodies of all descriptions, likely including other habitable or semi-habitable worlds awaiting discovery and exploration. The major technological civilizations have probably all been found, but even that isn’t completely certain

This map includes worlds added for the sake of the Resonant Dust campaign.

Rim Worlds

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