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House Rules

I am using 4th Edition rules with house rules built up over the years, and some 5th Edition tweaks. These are outlined below.

— Bryan Stephens


End (New Advantage) Endurance that is not lost when knocked-out is a +1 Advantage on End


Used as per 5th Edition

Follows 5th Edition

Evaluation (New Skill)
Evaluation is a PRE based skill that lets the character make a deduction about another character’s skills, abilities, or intent. Think of it as Deduction for People things. Used by Drill Instructors, and Teachers.

Follows 5th Edition except for Poker or related games, characters may use PRE for the base roll for this skill. Lightening Calculator and/or Eidetic Memory may add to the skill roll depending on the game. .

Fast Talk (New Skill)
New skill: Fast Talk does not appear in Hero, and Persuasion already appears under leadership. However, Fast Talk is an easy enough skill to describe, so it will be included: Fast Talk allows the player to dupe an unwary victim into a state of confusion or to believe something that he world normally realize is false. Presence Based, 3 pts., +1 to roll for 2 points.

Follows 5th Edition

Follows 5th Edition

Systems Operations
In some cases, Systems Operations costs 3 points and then you purchase 1 point groups, in the same way Forgery or Survival Works. This is game specific.


Eidetic Memory
At 10 points gives the character perfect, unlimited recall. Lower levels of points give the character lesser effects.


Vehicles and Bases
Players who purchase Vehicles, or Bases that are more points than themselves, will get the reduced rate when they gain experience.

A follower may not exceed the total cost of the Character minus the cost of all followers, without special permission.

In games where characters get free standard followers (like a horse) or can use standard vehicles, there is a reduced cost on specializing either. The character still gets the basic follower or vehicle for free, and then pays 1/5 for the upgrades.


Adjustment Powers

For Transfer, Aid, and Adsorption, points restored fade, if the deficit was caused by a Drain or Transfer purchased further down the time chart. (Example: A standard Aid to Body will still fade at the normal rate against a Drain bought down to 5 points/day recovery. An aid that fades at a rate of 5 points/day or less would restore the points normally) For a �1/4, Transfer, Aid, or Adsorption will fade regardless of deficit.


Healing is again a limited from of Aid. To have Healing in Fifth Edition apply the limitations: Only to starting level (-1.2) and Only use highest role (-1/2) to Aid.


Any transform that is vs. Resistant Physical Defense is permanent, and does not have to have a way to reverse it. At GM description this ruling will also apply to Resistant Energy Defense (based on the frequency of energy RKA's).

Mental Powers

Mind Scan Mind Scan works just like every other mental power. Once a link is established, you may stop paying end, and switch your Multipower or Varipool, as per 4th Edition rules.

Movement Powers

Clarification: Non Combat Multipliers do not Increase END. When too objects are moving at the same Non Combat Vectors, both are at normal OCV and DCV in respect to each other. 5th Edition Accelerations Advantages are used.

Defensive Powers

Deflection and Reflection Deflection and Reflection can be applied to one of the following groups: Hand to Hand, Ranged, Energy, Physical, Mental, or Power Attacks. You cannot use against more than one group, but must purchase Deflection or Reflection for each group.

Other Powers

End Reserve An End Reserve that can be used for specific powers in addition to normal End (instead of either/or) is a +1/2 Advantage on the REC and a +1/2 on the End. Specific powers may still use a +1/4 to draw from a reserve or from normal End.

Enhanced Senses 5th Edition greatly improved Enchanted Senses. We will use that template with the following caveat: Some senses just are not worth that much, and will have a reduced starting cost of 1 point instead of 3 points.

Darkness, Invisibility and Images Use 4th Edition Costs


Adsorption and Damage Resistance may both be placed into an EC, regardless of their End status.

Armor may not be placed in and EC under any circumstances. It will usually be restricted from Multipower and Variable Power Pool (though it does make sense in a gadget pool).


Autofire Autofire does not add an additional +1 for attacks that do not target normally, or against attacks that normally target other defenses. END Reduction costs are normal. (Tentative)

AVLD Costs +1 for attacks that normally apply vs. PD or ED. It is +3/4 for Attacks that normally apply to Exotic Defenses. AVLD may do body for an additional +1/2.

Based on Ego Combat Value At the +1 level converts a power to a mental power in toto. If you only want to use ECV to aim an otherwise normal power, it is a +1/4. To use ECV or OCV it is a +1/2. If Target chooses Defense, -1/4, if Attacker chooses Defense +1/2.

Beam Costs -1/2. Single beam limitation is -1/4.

Does Body Reduced to +1/2. Can be applied to AVLD or NND with GM permission only.

Damage Shield Clarification: Non-ranged powers take an additional +1/2 for Ranged.

Damage Conversion (New Advantage) A Killing Attack may be converted to the equivalent DC in normal damage with a +1/4 advantage. All other advantages and limitations remain the same. (2d6 Armor Piercing RKA becomes ad 6d6 Armor Piercing EB). Adjustment Powers targeted against the Killing Attack or Normal Damage will work on this attack, regardless of which type of damage is used.

Double Knockback Reduced in cost to +1/2

Effects Physical World If the character has limited Desolidification, then the limit on that desolidification is applied to the -2 to reduce it. (e.g. Tin Man is desolid only verses metal for a -1, then the Effects Physical world is -2 [plus the -1 for a total advantage of +1)

Megascale In some instances, Megascale will be used, however this will generally not be by a PC, but more often by a space ship. Further the first level will be 10m, the second 100, and the third 1000 and so forth. Any level can automatically be scaled back down to the 10m level.

Requires Skill Roll Is a -1 instead of a -1/2 in some circumstances. (Tentative)

Clarification: Sticky works on any power, not just those that are uncontrolled by the attacker.

Usable on Others
End cost may be paid by owner or recipient. Decided when the power is purchased.

-1/4 to be visible to a targeting or non-targeting sense group
-1/4 to be “noisy” or “flashy” (+5 to per roll to detect)
-1/2 to be fully visible


+4d6 or 1.5 whichever is smaller. Can be used on all attacks types that are not Beam.

Pulling a Punch
Not used. Characters have a 100% control of their punching.

Rapid Fire/Sweep
Use 5th Edition Rules

Rapid Fire or Sweep v. the same target is limited to Heroic Games, unless given special permission (could be used with a speedster character).


Social Limitations
Social Limitations are used.

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