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Used In'chi'lah Civilian Patrol Cruiser


The In'chi'lah Civilian Patrol Cruiser (CPC)was built by OCR Industries on Thengin for local use. It's name takes from a distortion of ancient Lakota meaning “angel” important to the Thengin culture.

While built as a civilian vehicle, it was designed to replace its cargo module with space for a light autocannon. This gives the In'chi'lah limited fire power, but without the capacity for reloading. With two crew (driver and gun) there is only space for four other passengers. Four gun ports on top and bottom allow passengers to use personal weapons as well, allowing for stunners to be used.

Its dynamic form in a compact size made the CPC popular in a second hand market for travallers, as it packed a lot into a small frame. This actually lead to a non-governmental model being sold without the autocannon, but aftermarket modifications were common.

This particular used CPC has a few modification by the previous owner increasing its over all cost somewhat. This includes a reinstalled turret with a light autocanno. It is in excellent condition, so the asking price is only 10% less than new.

Skill UsedFlyer (grav) or Autopilot/3
Max Speed BandFast (6)Cruise Speed BandHigh (5)
Max Speed Bracket300..500 km/hCruise Speed Bracket200..300 km/h
Max (Cruise) Range3000 (4500) kmSafe (Crush) Depth0 (0) m
AgilityDM+3Shipping Volume4.50 ton
Hull18Fuel/Battery Volume0.90 ton
Armor TypeCrystalironWeapons Space0.25 ton
Front Armor20 (+25)External Gear Space0.25 ton
Sides Armor15 (+25)Cargo Space0.00 ton
Rear Armor15 (+25)Crew Space1.50 ton
Top Armor15 (+25)Crew / Passengers2 / 4
Bottom Armor15 (+25)CostCr512,802
Equipment and Features
Autopilot System (advanced), Camouflage (improved), Communications System (advanced, increased range x2, encrypted, tightbeam), Computer/3, Control System (enhanced), Entertainment System (basic), Environment Protection (hostile, vacuum), Fire Extinguishers, Gun Ports x8, Included Software (Interface, Security/2, Database), Life Support (short term), Navigation Systems (improved), Reactive Armor (improved), Sensors (improved), Stealth (basic), Wet Bar
Small Turret(360°)DM+0
Light Autocannon1000 m6D500Auto 30
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