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Galen Caster

Character Information

Career(s) Pirate
Homeworld Mora
Social Status6



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Charming with a dangerous smile. Short Black Hair and quick hands.


Galen Castor was born to a lower middle class family at the lower levels of Mora. As a young man he had little direction other than wanting to get off of Mora and to someplace where he felt he had a chance to prove himself. He did not want to follow the miserable path of his parents. Out of basic school and working odd jobs, Galen was approached by Fid Ottarsson, who offered him a job. All he had to do was take a middle passage on a departing ship and perform a basic act of sabatoge. Galen jumped at the chance. He ended up playing a far larger part than he planned, helping when things went south. He left with what he now knew were pirates. Galen Castor had joined the clan of the Pirate Queen Svana Göndu. Galen would go on to foil a coup against Svana by Jessica Faraday. While the plot was foiled, Faraday managed to escape capture. The fact he let her get away meant that Galen did not advance in the organization as fast as he wanted. Full redemption came when Galen personally led the heist of the “Wandering Centaur”, a luxury casino liner on its slow cruise from Mora to Rhylanor and back. This daring act brought wealth to the Clan, but also the attention of Imperial Intelligence who came after Svana with a vengeance. Seeing this coming, Galen decided to change jobs. He knocked around on various ships for a couple of years as a senior crewman until he settled down into the place that would finish his career as a rouge. Galen signed up with Starkad Kolson, who runs the rogue team using an older captured ship as a mobile casino. He had the “Wages of Sin” converted from lab research to a luxury ship by Tevye Topal, a notorious crime lord. The Wages lost its labs, added some high staterooms, and added a few weapons. It was early on that Galen cheated to steal a significant amount from Sgt. Jeffery G Grimes. Grimes would love to find a way to pay Galen back. After nearly a decade on, Galen was running the Wages, and could see he needed to get out. The corrupt casino had done well but was attracting too much heat, and Galen was tired of running what amounted to a hotel. Galen made a deal with the Imperial Agent, Samuel Maxwell that let him depart the Wages, while Imperial Intelligence moved in. Now, Galen is looking for his next adventure.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/Influence
Jessica FaradayPirate who led a coupGalen ColeEnemy-4/3/1
SGT. Jeffery G GrimesMarine who was swindledGalen ColeEnemy-4/1/4
Samuel MaxwellImperial AgentGalen ColeContact+2/2/3
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