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Hanson and Rally

Towards the end of his first four years, Rally managed to stage a large concert atop a military space tower on Mora. The Marines were tasked with security for this potential mess. Cadet Hanson was given the job of making sure the emergency Vacc suits were ready, just in case. Rally being mostly out of his mind on drugs, really could not say what when wrong, but there was a critical breach in the sky dome. Cadet Hanson leapt into action and saved Rally, zipping him into a suit. Both of them spent that night and the better part of a day in suits waiting to get rescued. It was this stunt that lead Rally to rehab, and let the failing Cadet Hanson graduate.

HansonVacc Suit +1
RallyVacc Suit +1

Rally and Sharri

Now finding increasing fame, Rally landed a patron, Lady Rivriel Xenander, head of Xenander Goods. She helped her new artistic friend by assigning one of her brokers to manage his latest venture in the capital city. As is typical with Rally, things got weird and he found he needed to hide some unexpected money quickly. He smuggled it to his broker, Sharri Duncan and she was able to organize both her team and his team to get the money he snuck in safely out of area and into a private account that years later, not even Viktor knew about.

RallyStealth + 1
SharriLeadership +1

Viktor and Galen

Viktor was assigned to help take on the Pirate Queen, who happened to be the current employer of Galen. He was placed as an enforcer on the Wandering Centaur where Galen was booked to sabotage it from the inside. Viktor make sure Galen had access to everything he needed, and the heist was a huge success. It also was the first step in getting Viktor inside the Pirate Queen’s organization to take it down.

ViktorCarouse +1
GalenElectronics: Computers +1

Sharri and Viktor

Working against the crafty Emrick Cult, Viktor was involved with a plan to smuggle traceable weapons to the cult. For this he needed the help of a legitimate broker, and Sharri fit the bill. As planned, the deal “went south” forcing a fire fight with a controlled outcome. The Cult members took the weapons and ran without bothering to check them for trackers. Viktor was able to trace the cult and eliminate a lair, but it was not their only stronghold, as he would later find out when the attack came on his home.

SharriGun Cbt: Energy +1
ViktorElectronics: Remote Ops +1

Galen and Hanson

Wanting to get out of the casino business, Galen approached and bribed (by eliminating his debt) Imperial Agent Samuel Maxwell for help. In return for selling out the Wages of Sin Agent Maxwell agreed. The corrupt agent managed to get Sgt. Hanson involved in guarding Galen when it all went down. Hanson was not please, but he did his duty.

GalenDecpetion +1
HansonGun Cbt: Slug+1

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