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Sharri Duncan

Class and Character Information

Career(s) Broker
Homeworld Mora
Social Status9



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair



Sharri Duncan was born to a ordinary and boring upper middle class family. She went to the Merchant Academy and majored in business,and graduated with honors, placing her on a pathway to a solid career as a broker. In school, Sharri made fast friends with Delila Laux, who was headed off to the merchant marines. They would continue to be friends until this day.

As a broker, Sharri excelled. She took advantage of advanced training to understand the law in her early years. Always dreaming of more excitement than working in an office, Sharri jumped at the chance to help a shadowy figure smuggle goods through the Marches. After that it was back to advanced training and looking at the office walls.

At age 38, Sharri was already running a large office with over two dozen staff. She had aged well so far, but was worried about the future. She had always dreamed of travelling the stars, and yet mostly she booked passage for others to do it. Then the message came. Her Great Aunt Anne Troja had died and left Sharri as the sole beneficiary in her will. While Troja was the last name of her grandmother before she married, neither Sharri, nor her mother, knew she had a great Aunt. What was even more startling, was that her inheritance was the Far Trader Starlight Drifter a well-known trading ship from over 50 years ago, captained by Helen Ilium.

Sharri decided this was a sign and she retired and is looking to get the Starlight Drifter back into action, but she is going to need a crew.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/Influence
Delila LauxOwns and runs several ships. Recently married. Sharri DuncanCollege Best Friend+6/3/2
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