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Anatoli Viktor Petrovich

Character Information

Career(s) Imperial Agent
Homeworld Mora
Social Status7



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair
Human46VilaniGoldenGreying Black


Mid length greaying black hair and golden eyes. Outgoing personality that seems unconcerned that is only belied by his sharpe vision.


Viktor was born to poor means in the down levels of the Saransk Bay archology on Mora. His early life was hard, but he survived using his wits and natural agility. He married a young accomplice Chernova Alla Valerievna, who went by Alya. It was around this time, that Viktor saved an innocent man from the organized crime elements. This brought him to the attention of Directorate, the semi-autonomous security branch of Mora. They were impressed with his intellect and his passion for helping others. An agent approached him and recruited him into their organization. Viktor told no one, not even Alya.

Viktor spent the next 20 years deep undercover, serving the interests of civlilization. Mora no longer worries about the crime family of Vitali Dyomochka, the Ang Bin Hoay gang, the Swordlord rouge Pirate Queen, Svana Göndul, or the mysterious Emrick Cult. It was against this cult, however, that things went south. Viktor was forced to come out of the could and call in agents to save his Alya. She would never forgive him for this. She ended up divorcing Viktor. After 20 years in the field, Viktor was now stuck in the office, sending other people out on missions instead of personal danager. In due corse, Viktor was promoted from Assistant Director to Director of Saransk Bay. It was during this time he decided he had enough and wanted to retire.

Leveraging Ito Ekende, his replacement as a Director and people he has met throughout the years, Viktor plans to assemble a team to take on the ones that got away while engaging in other “normal” travaller activities.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/Influence
Ito EkendeDirector IntelligenceViktorFormer Assistant+3/3/5
Tevye TopaCrime LordViktorProfessional Contact+3/4/2
Chernova Alla (Alya) ValerievnaEx-Wife who left when cover blownViktorEx Wife -4/1/4

Background Stories

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