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Else Vike Vinmark

Class and Character Information

Class Oracle
Level 4
AlignmentNeutral Good
Campaign Trait Young Reformer
Home Oppera
Alter Ego (If Any)0

Position and Influence

Noble House Vinmark, also posing as Bentoy Heir
Noble Rank Lady
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Oppera, Stachys
Relics of Taldor None



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Elsa is a lovley young woman of clear Ulfen descent. She has learned a graceful manner from her adoptive family, espcially the Talden Rannivia Vinmark.


“Elsa grew up in a small village in a very cold part of the world hunting, fishing, and trading (think Alaskan Inuits). One evening, shortly after reaching puberty, a voice seemed to call her in the middle of the night and she left her tent. In the morning her family couldn't find her and asked the entire village to assist in a search.

They found her on the frozen lake, wearing only her sleeping garments, but not frozen to death nor feeling in the least bit cold. Her people, being extremely superstitious, recognized this as an omen and elected her to be the sage of their village. Soon, her oracle powers began to emerge, thus confirming their suspicions.

Fast forward a few years and a large group of men from Taldor enter the village offering to trade Elsa and other elders are consulted and Elsa decrees that they should agree to the trade in hopes of helping her village prosper and maybe establish permanent trade relations.

This turns out to be a poor decision. Three days after the trade is completed the men return, in greater numbers, with weapons. They loot and destroy the village taking anything they desire, including Elsa, away with them. Elsa is made a slave and then sold off when they return to their kingdom.

Elsa did not live a life as a slave long however, as she was purchased and freed by Rannivia Vinmark, of the Vinmark family, the elevated Ulfen. While Elsa did not hit it off with Rannivia's son, Jensil, as Rannivia had hoped, Elsa became friends with the family, ultimaitly being adopted by them.

Elsa now works where she can and lives for the day when she can avenge her people, and re-create her traditions.”

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Finner VinmarkAdoptive FatherGoodEncourages Ulfen Behavior
Rannivia VinmarkAdoptive MotherGoodSought as Bride for son but ended up as daughter to family
Jensil VinmarkAdoptive BrotherGoodVery much treated as kid sister
Gratia Vulso VinmarkAdoptive Sister in LawGoodStill getting to know her
Nicolaus OkerraImpressed at Gala and now at JubileeHelpfulMay have a romantic interest in Elsa
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