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Tremerus Mancinus

He is joined by his faithful Companion, Silver

Class and Character Informaton

Class Hunter
Level 4
AlignmentNeutral Good
Campagin Trait Athletic Champion
Home Merciful Bay

Position and Influence

Noble House Mancinus
Noble Rank None
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Stachys
Relics of Taldor



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


A youthful and rugged vigor surrounds this young man. His eys show wisdom beyond his years and he clearly knows how to handle the large curved blade at his side. A grey and black wolf is often seen by his side and behaves like any domesticated hound.


Tremerus Mancinus hails from Merciful Bay south along the coast. His family has holdings in shipwright production and his mother, lady Nepia, is a rather well-known sculptor in the area. Their wealth and position are well secured within the region. Tremerus's father, Lord Oreneus, oversees their families shipwright companies, which in general are doing well.

Tremerus has always shown a skill with animals, having brought home many wild creatures as a child. In one such case, he approached a boar, that nearly killed him, though it was more a result of his brothers interfering than any fault of the boar.

After the mishap with the boar, a local woodsman, Frigenus, helped train him in wood and nature craft for several years, gaining favor with the Mancinus family, heading up the huntsman, and later assuming the role of Marshal in his aging years.

Most of the family follows Ylimancha, but Tremerus has chosen to follow Uskyeria, an agathion empyreal lord who resembles a giant red bear with gold-streaked fur. She and her agents teach hunters to respect the animals they kill and preserve their hunting grounds. Insomniacs also pray to Uskyeria to get a proper night's sleep. Tremerus wears a red iron symbol around his neck bearing two crossed scimitars.

Tremerus now leads the family's huntsman, overseeing the house's dogs, falcons, and horses. A solid and promising hunter in his own right, he recently won a local hunting competition, the Cyris Foxhunt, using both social and practical skills to achieve success This awarded him an invitation to take part in the coming of age party for the 16 year old Selinus Talbot the great merchant family. Termeus has also been given the right and honor to come to Oppera to see the city for himself and represent his house at The Grand Day of Exaltation. His hopes while in the great city to establish some contacts to help his family gain an improved position within society. He has seen many injustices by other houses and hopes that maybe with new and meaningful leadership, the country can grow into the shining jewel it once was.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Arminius Seno Talbot Former Employer Helpful Sees him as saving the Hunt and Coming of Age
Cassennia Cera Kastner Met at Hunt Friendly Help Stop plot
Pollus Remus Salinus Met at Hunt Helpful Help Stop plot
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