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Bentony Estate

Blunk, Nodd, and Wink

Strange figures still lurk in the estate, but it’s not Allis’s ghost. Three domovoi—Blunk, Nodd, and Wink—have dwelled in the building since the original watchtower was constructed over a thousand years ago. Allis befriended the notably reclusive, cantankerous creatures while just a child, and they remained her lifelong friends, insulating her from the worst influences of Taldan high society. After Allis passed and no one inherited the house, they felt it their duty to protect their departed friend’s home and even maintain it (as best they can with no raw materials). They dwell in a secret room under the tower, accessible by a hidden door in the cellar. the domovoi maintain their role as caretakers, and they are happy to have a new family to work with, especially if left regular offerings like cream, porridge, sweet rolls, beer or whisky. They don’t gossip or interact with strangers at all, but they can help the PCs get the manor back in shape in a month, requiring only 500 gp worth of supplies

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