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Lover's Bangle, Greater

Aura: Faint Divination
Caster Level: 10th
Slot: Wrists
Price: 19,000 gp
Weight: 1 lb.

This thick golden bracelet bears rows of lightly engraved hearts. Once per week, when the bracelet is worn and touched to another worn lover’s bangle on the arm of an appropriate individual (see below), the two become attuned and remain attuned until one of the bangles is removed or attuned to a different lover’s bangle, or until a bangle’s wearer is reduced below 0 hit points, is slain, or travels to a different plane. The wearer of the attuned lover’s bangle immediately knows that the attunement has ended but doesn’t receive any indication about the event that broke the attunement unless the wearer was conscious to report.

The greater version also grants the wearers a telepathic bond.

Limitation: The Grater Lover's Bangle only works between two individuals who love each other. While this implied to be romantic love, any true love between two individuals will work (e.g. brothers, best friends, child-parent, etc.)

Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, status; telepathic bond Cost 9,500 gp

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