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Around 50 miles southeast of Antios's Crown stands the city of Hyden. Hyden was once a prosperous mining and farming community in the foothills of the World’s Edge Mountains, in the Porthmos Prefecture. The Lotheeds have ruled the Hyden Marches—the surrounding foothills and lakes—since the family earned their noble title for cunning and magical mastery during the Fifth Army of Exploration. Most assume that, like countless similar towns across Taldor, Hyden simply ran afoul of the nation’s dwindling fortunes, and its people moved on as the soil was depleted and the mines played out.

But Hyden’s fields remain fertile, and the mines still bear veins of copper, malachite, and even gemquality cuprite. In truth, Hyden lies dead and forgotten because Duke Panivar Lotheed stripped it from written record, relocating the citizens and razing the roads to and from his family’s primary holding once he won dominion over the much richer Meratt county to the west. The abandoned city made an ideal setting for his blasphemous research, and its isolation later made it a perfect stronghold for the Immaculate Circle.

Hyden’s urban core was a bustling population center at one point, handling administration for the entire county and supporting a thriving population of jewelers, metalworkers, and even a national mint.

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