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BasriAlong line of ambassadors, diplomats, and travelers make up the Basri, and the family maintains the strongest ties to the elven nation of Kyonin of any Taldan humans.
Clement The Garundi and Mwangi ancestors of this family served Taldor proudly during the Sixth Army of Exploration and were awarded titles for their service.
Corcina Came to prominence during the Second Army of Exploration, and maintains a legacy explorers and sailors.
Karthis This is a family of distinguished military veterans, charismatic demagogues, and xenophobic zealots. The family is increasingly Imperialist.
Kastner A stalwart family which defines itself by opposing its devil-worshiping Chelish cousins, a grudge that inspired some of Taldor’s greatest healers, priests, and negotiators.
Lotheed The Lotheed family ranks include the greatest wizards and arcane scholars in Taldor, and schooling in some of the most comprehensive arcane libraries in the Inner Sea.
Merosett The cunning members of this large family, a longtime fixture in Oppara’s bureaucracy, specialize in tracking lineages and sidestepping red tape.
Stavian As a close relative of the Grand Prince, the members of this family have had lives of material comfort and indulgence, colored by constant threats and direct influence.
Talbot This starkly conservative family are merchants and entrepreneurs first, and aristocrats second, willing to forgo duty if they can instead pursue profit. They condemn would-be adventurers and readily oust them from the family ranks.
Varima The founders of this family immigrated to Taldor from Vudra hundreds of years ago, and thanks to noble roots, extensive trade contacts, and an unparalleled skill in negotiation, soon developed into a steadfast fixture of Oppara’s social scene.
Vernisant This family is descended from the great general Arnisant, who commanded Taldan forces during the Shining Crusade… and they will never let anyone forget it! They are full of fierce Imperialist support and nationalist fervor.
Vinmark Newcomers and outsiders, this Ulfen family was exalted to nobility 19 years ago, when Stavian III promoted the family patriarch to Baron of Oppara as a reward for service in the Ulfen Guard. Established aristocrats consider this family crude, choosing to leave them on the margins of Taldan politics unless a noble thinks they could use you to curry favor with the Grand Prince.
Zespire This family runs charities and lobbies heavily for social reform, leaving them with few friends among their Opparan peers but heartfelt support from the common folk and lesser nobility.
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