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Clan of Serra Rubrum Assassins

Wererats are not as uncommon as citizens of great cities would like to think. They lurk where rats live, and the largest and oldest of cities have the most places to exist as warrens. Over 500 years ago, the natural born wererat Vir Arouraios started as a petty thief, much like the rest of his clan, but he was troubled by dark dreams. These were not ordinary dreams, but dreams from the dark god, Achaekek. This led Arouraios to eventually seize control of his clan and form them into assassins for hire.

The Arouraios clan became Serra Rubrum, an organization of assassins composed of wererats. While not the same caliber as the famous Red Mantis, they are easier to contact in Oppera, where they live in the deep sewers and catacombs beneath the city. They do use the famed sawtooth sabres of the Red Mantis, however, in addition to various poisons. Members come in one of two main types: Rouge/Assassins and Crimson Chymists. The former form the rank and file and eventual leadership, while the latter create the many poisons. The Higher leaders often also enter into clerical worship of Achaekek, feeling that the assassin god guides them.

Serra Rubrum works for cash and favors, both easily obtained in the political wars of Taldor. While they are not as tenacious as the Red Mantis assassins, they are worth the price . Elite groups are the equal of Taldor’s royal guards.

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