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Rhapsodic College

Hidden within the clutter of Westport, Rhapsodic College is easily overlooked by tourists, consisting of only a few small buildings around a performance and practice hall. While a smaller and lesser-known bardic school than the Kitharodian Academy, Rhapsodic College makes up for its size with quality. Many of the finest bards in Taldor have come from this school, so graduates are frequently in demand across the Inner Sea region and beyond. The courts of Cheliax, Osirion, Katapesh, and many countries beyond the Inner Sea region employ graduates of Rhapsodic College as their primary musicians and storytellers. The Taldan nobility also regularly taps such bards to write histories of the empire—often with a heavy political spin. Many bards make a fine living in Taldor publishing accounts of past events that paint their employers in a favorable light. Politics can be a dangerous business, however, and these propagandists sometimes suffer ignominious ends to their careers or lives for supporting the wrong person.

One of the college’s more successful history professors, Carina Ignatus (N female middle-aged human bard 6), has accumulated a small fortune— and no small degree of infamy—by secretly writing unflattering biographies of her patrons and their allies and releasing them quickly when one of them falls from grace. This recently backfired when her scathing biography of a well-loved noble was lost (or worse, stolen), leaving her scrambling to find it before she too falls victim to the axe of public opinion that she has so expertly sharpened

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