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Mikhael Constantinus

Class and Character Informaton

Class Summoner
Level 4
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Campaign Trait Disgraced Noble
Home Oppera
Alter Ego (If Any)None

Position and Influence

Noble House Tzimiskes
Noble Rank None
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Oppera, Stachys
Relics of Taldor Dignity's Barb



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair
Half Elf27Talden (Human half)BlueBlond


A tall thin half elf with dirty blond hair, striking blue eyes and a sardonic smile.


“Mikhael Constantinus is the bastard son of Baron Issac Constantianus Tzimiskes of Oppara and his mistress, the Elf Noble Lady Meristiel Elluvidnir. Unable to carry the Tzumiskes name or titles, he uses an alternative of his father’s middle name as his own. Lord Tzimiskes is married to Lady Dominica Lucopera Tzimiskes, while they are supportive of each other, it was a political marriage and little love there. He is truly in love with the Lady Meristiel, a popular but enigmatic socialite from the Eleven Embassy and she appears quite taken with him in return. Some have noticed that Lady Meristiel has been with the Embassy for several decades, far longer than most elves who flit in and out over the course of a few seasons. Lord Tzimiskes does love all his children, but he is a traditionalist and would always keep the status quo publicly. At first fearful of his son’s abilities, he now feels that at least someone can be there for his son when he can’t.

The House Tzimiskes, while not one of the major houses, has a long history of magic service to the Crown. It has since fallen on hard times and may not survive for much longer. The lack of a legitimate male heir means it will likely be absorbed into another House one day.

Growing up, Mikhael was well aware of his status in society and doesn’t hold the distance he is kept at by his family against them. He did try to follow in the family tradition of wizard schooling. This did not go well and he was routinely bullied. Most high level nobles were above such behavior, but multiple mid-range and low level nobility were eager to show off position or curry favor. This went on for most of the school year, with frequent beatings and unanswered cries for help, until one day somehow his cries passed beyond the veil and something answered. Fists met with teeth when Lysanthir appeared. There was a brief scandal as several scions of mid-range nobility ended up in the infirmary and Mikhael had to withdraw from the academy. His mother didn’t seem too surprised by his ability and helped him learn how to keep his eidolon under control. This did leave House Tzimiskes with several enemies, some from very ambitious houses who would like nothing better than ending the line and making off with as much spoils as possible.

Mikhael has 2 sisters, his older sister (28) Theodora Angela Tzimiskes and a younger sister Lucia Diogene Tzimiskes (20). Both have followed the family tradition into wizardry, with Theodora specializing in Abjuration and Lucia specializing in Illusion. Of the siblings, Theodora takes her role as the eldest seriously and does her upmost to improve the standing of the family name. Lady Dominica has trained her well and she cares little for her father or her siblings, feeling her sister is a waste and her father and brother as the stain on their House. Lucia appears to all to be as flighty as her school, but Mikhael believes this is just another illusion. Mikhael would work for the spymaster out of loyalty to his family and desire to protect them from harm. Some of his family’s traditionalist mindset did rub off on him so he doesn’t believe that Taldor could ever really change for the better. He’s willing to put his life and limb on the line to improve his family’s standing. ”

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Theodora Angela Tzimiskes SisterGoodAge 28
Lucia Diogene TzimiskesSisterGoodAge 20
Lady Meristiel ElluvidnirMotherGoodElf Ambassador
Baron Issac Constantianus Tzimiskes FatherStrainedPolitical Marriage
Dominica Lucopera TzimiskesStep MotherStrainedPolitical Marriage
Dame Carodd HelleboreRomantic InterestMixedSeduced at Jubilee and now she is conflicted
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