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Aura: Strong Transmutation, moderate illusion, moderate conjuration, minor divination
CL 15th
Slot: None
Weight 5 lbs

Sia Magnificus Valentinus was Duke of Paltinvar of the Paltinvar family, a noble line that has long since died out. Sia loved to ride anything remotely able to carry him. Unfortunately, he was not a great rider. After many falls, he commissioned the construction of a magical saddle that he could use on any mount.

This Saddle has a strong transmutation aura. The material of the saddle appears to shift when not being held or used. One moment it might be a strong hide, the next it might appear to be made of drake scales. Because of its transmutation aura, spellcraft checks on the saddle are at a +15 to the DC (45) to identify it properties. If placed and secured to a mount, this penalty is removed (DC 30)

Sia’s Saddle is crafted to match and mold itself to any mount. This can be as mundane as a horse, or as exotic as a dragon. It takes one hour to properly fit and allow the saddle to adjust. It will keep the form of its last mount. After 24 hours of use (can be non-continuous) by a new rider, the saddle will become attuned to that rider and he will get all the benefits of the saddle.

The Saddle has the following Properties:


  • Never chaff or distress the mount and can be worn continuously with no penalty
  • +1 Natural Armor bonus to the mount
  • Lessor Restoration 1 time a day to the mount and rider (one casting both effected)
  • The saddle allows the creature wearing it to act as if it were combat trained if it is not
  • Grants the mount wearing it a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks (if a land mount)
  • Grants the mount wearing it a +5 competence bonus on Fly checks (if a flying mount)
  • Grants the mount wearing it a +5 competence bonus on Swim checks (if a swimming mount)
  • The mount additionally gains the benefits of any teamwork feats the rider possesses.


  • Grants the rider a +5 competence bonus on Ride checks
  • Rider gains the Mounted Combat Feat if he does not have it. If he does have it, he gains an additional +2 competence bonus on Ride checks
  • The saddle creates space for the rider with a burrowing mount
  • If the rider is unsaddled during swimming, he is immediately subject to a water breathing effect
  • If the rider is unsaddled during running or flight, he is immediately subject to a feather fall effect
  • The Saddle has a small pouch which is the equivalent of a Bag of Holding II on one side, the other acts as a create food and water tuned to the specific food and drink of the mount and rider. (Note, this could mean live prey that is potentially dangerous to the rider).

Dimensional Sizing

The Saddle can also reduce the space of the mount and rider if mounted by one size step. (Large Mount to Medium). This is not a transmutation effect, but a conjuration one. There are no changes to any statistics as the mount and rider are not actually smaller but fit into space differently. Use of a Dimensional Anchor or a targeted Dispel Magic (DC 21) will void the effect. If this causes the mount or rider to overlap with a solid surface, the result will be a mishap as per the Teleport spell. The mishap roll is separate for each the mount and rider.

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