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Major Non Player Characters

There are a large number of Non-Player Characters in War for the Crown. These are shown, mostly as they are first introduced to the player characters, but they may be put into other groups if hey were mostly used in a period further in the future. I have abanonded the longer write ups for characters and links may be to a picture and brief description. This list may be be more up to date then their entries. Some don't have entries at all othe r than this line.

Eutropia's Organization

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Eutropia StavianPrincessUltimate Employer
Kathan ZalarLadyLion's Blade
Martella LotheedDameSpymaster for Eutropia

Wedding and the Hunt


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Finner VinmarkSenatorAdopted Father, ElsaElsaAdoptive Father
Gratia Vulso VinmarkLadyFriend of Cassia, Adopted SIL, ElsaCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Jensil VinmarkLordAdopted Brother, ElsaCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Liber VulsoSenatorAdopted Father in law, ElsaCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Luccia VulsoLadyAdopted Mother in Law, ElsaCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Meristiel ElluvidnirLadyMother, MikhalMikhael Mother
Rannivia VinmarkLadyAdopted Mother, ElsaElsaAdoptive Mother
Stephana ZespireLadyFriend of CassiaCassiaFriend
Victor RufusMr.Friend of CassiaCassiaFriend


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Arminius Seno TalbotSenatorWilling to sponsor GroupPartyGood
Cassennia Cera KastnerLadyMajordomo for TalbotN0neNone
Didia Petroni VarimaLadyWas a love interest for Talbot, but now a cohort for Detash working in OpperaDetashCohort
Pollus Remus SalinusSirNonePartyGood
Gloriana MorillaLadyFirst Met at HuntNoneNone

Exaltation Gala

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Abrielle PaceCountess Unsecure vote for Eutropia
Amadorian DouSenatorRescued from Dame Trant
Gloriana MorillaLadyFirst Met at Hunt
Kalbio CreekLordRescued from Stavian III
Leonard CentimusDuke“Secured vote for Eutropia”
Malphene TrantDame Bullied Senator Dou, later Rescued from Senate, now works for Corwyn
Maxillar PythareusHigh StrategosMaking a bid for the Crown
Senator Amadorian DouSenatorRescued from Dame Trant
Gael UrbaenLady Rescued from Under the Senate
Gryphus PlastionSirRescued from Under the Senate
Jowuan ZubariSirRescued from Under the Senate
Wilfen BotolesMr.Rescued from Under the Senate

Tanager Jubilee

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Adella VoinumBaroness Patriot and Ally of the party in the overthrow of the Duke
Alista CragusMs.Purple Finch, their guide
Bartelby LotheedCountCaptured alive after attack on Birdsong. Now a prisoner of Princess Eutropia
Gul GusairneSirEnforcer for the Count
Lady ParilArchbanker At Jubilee. After mission to rescue on acolyte and bury the other, gave paperwork to support Eutropia's case
Lucretzia MarthaneLadyVisting Noble, Danced with Tremerus, at Jubilee
Nicolaus OkerraBaronFirst met at gala, and Helpful, especially to Elsa and Cassia
Onora PiscumTribuneFormer Honorary Tribune, now Sherriff, supportive of the party
Veleto LotheedDuchessDanced with Detash and then engaged party in Bentony. Acutally a Trompe L’oeil, and now ally
Yander MerkondusLordOnly their first night and left. Prideful and disdainful

The Crabbes

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Parthena CrabbeDameGrateful to Party for saving her Daughter, AlliesPartyGood
Sepsimia Crabbe SilaniusMsBetrothed to Kavian and right hand in Merret CountyKavianCohort

Titus and Cronies

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Titus Lotheed-CasavaLordCaptured barely alive after attack on Birdsong. Now a prisoner of Princess Eutropia
Syras CockleburrEsquireCrony of Sir Titus, Captured barely alive after attack on Birdsong. Now a prisoner of Princess Eutropia
Carrod HelleboreDameNow a loyal follower of Mikhael, as well as lover


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Blunk, Nodd, & WinkNoneFey who support the Estate
AtratusNoneSwan Maiden Fey
GinnitMr.One of the Four Hoods, Sister of Gurta Thresh, Pardoned by EutropiaPlayersAlly
Gurta ThreshMs.One of the Four Hoods, Sister of Ginnit Thresh, Pardoned by Eutropia, Worships god of murderPlayersAlly
Malifort TruebowMr.One of the Four Hoods, Sister of Ginnit Thresh, Pardoned by Eutropia, DeserterPlayersAlly
Nani TruebowMr.One of the Four Hoods, Sister of Ginnit Thresh, Pardoned by Eutropia, DeserterPlayersAlly
Night SwanNotorious Actual Identity ?Players??
Festo MiseAcolyteNew Cleric of Abadar, Rescued and now in StachysPlayersAlly
Dradi MaladuAcolyteDeceased acolyte AbadarPlayersNeutral
Araig TelusBaronDeceased EttercapPlayersEnemy
Caphridius VortBaronetNew Leader of JambisPlayersAlly


Felsha of New TowneMsAccosted Kavian and Demanded help - Came to be Defense for People on Trial
Mona SittasLadyHaughty Noble Scion came to the Festival and the Trials
Fi PabenBaronetLocal, came to Festival and to Trials
TummusMrBrother who fought brother over a goat
TaboMrBrother who fought brother over a goat

The Trials

Felsha of Jambis MissAdvocate for New Towne and Later Defense of Portimer. Was under suspicion of being the Night Swan, but observations ruled her out.
Michelle Caius DameMerratt Nobility, Attended the Trials, Wife of Michael
Michael Caius Husband of Michelle
Belle VenturiLadyLocal Noble Scion, Attended the Trials
Selwen CarrisuSirLocal returned from Military, Attended Trials
Caesia SarimarcaDameAdvocate for Baroness Voinum. Suspected of being the Night Swan
Quintus OkerraSirAdvocate for Baron Okerra
Gias AminonLord3rd Son of Oppera Nobility, out for adventure and headed to Void Wood
GrandmotherGrandmotherCame with Felsha and attended Trials in back
Candiru CordonaBaronetVisitor to the County from Oppera – Trading
Semvera Bellus Lord Trader from Cassomir , Husband of Caesera
Caesera BellusLadyWife of Semvera
Lucretzia MarthaneLadyVisited Trials and came to the after Party
Portimer Of StachysMrTried for Poaching, later led group of farmers to defend Betony Estate
Frater MosleMasterExecuted former Seneshel of Baron Telus
Cossus of JambisMrExecuted former Telus servant turned bandit
Tullus of JambisMrExecuted former Telus servant turned bandit
Sestius of JambisMrExecuted former Telus servant turned bandit
Cantu of CassomirMrAgent for the Night Swan
Patrus of StachysMrStachys Resident recruited by Cantu
Noland of StachysMrStachys Resident recruited by Cantu
Paval of StachysMrStachys Resident recruited by Cantu, He Recruited Benedictus
Kellen of StachysMrStachys Resident recruited by Cantu


Yander MerkondusLordFirst met at the Tangier Jubiliee. Sent to Yanmass by Pythareus as his representative. Has own troubleshooting group, The Bravos. Defeated in Yanmass
Meir DratavisSirMissing agent of Princes Eutropia, rescued by the party
Alus ArgenusMrProprietor of Savories, supported by the party
Caradinna FarkinMissMissing conspiracy theorist, later found dead
AresphenaNoneMedusa Witch in Orvestikar Manor ruins
Cassandra FlorintMsLion's Blade

Mercantile Council

Baron plus the Main Five Members

Baron KustiosBaronHead of Yanmass council and representative of the national government
Rudig AutunLordBusiness: Spices, largest trader
Aumber GewbellLadyBusiness: Clothing Import/Export. Only Half Elf on the Council
Carmellio RaulsLadyBusiness: Weapons, Armor and Equestrian Gear
Abrun PalliettorLordBusiness: Chief Enumerator of Temple, Cleric
Hallianna CobbinLadyBusiness: Largest Orchards & Ranches, Only Halfing on the Council

Rest of the Council

Amulius Plotius LordBusiness: Spices 2nd Largest
Aulus TellusLordBusiness: Banking and Investment
Caelus SimplexLordBusiness: Rare Animals and Animal Products
Dominus ServoLordBusiness: Slaves
Flavonius SylviusMr. Business: Wines and other Tipples
Fulvia RhesaLadyBusiness: Performers Guild, Head
Julis ReburrusMr.Business: Grains Second largest and some Ranching/Dairy
Marki ProxsimaLadyBusiness: Spices, 3rd Largest
Marcus MateriatusMr. Business: Wood and Lumber Importer
Numerius EboriusMr. Business: Mage Guild, Head
Praedam RaptusLordBusiness: Artifacts and Plunder
Primus FrumentumMr.Business: Grains Largest
Rhundle NavinMr.Business: Banking
Zamilla CommiaMrs. #2 Clothing

Servants of the Coucil

Gregor HambleMr.Servant of the Council, Halfling


Grammell TaycharCaptainHuman Male Fighter Leader, Former officer in Talden infantry. Brush and a man of few words, it is clear nonetheless that he has the respect and following of his team of Mercenaries.
Cardello Sulsas SergeantHuman Male Fighter Former Sergeant in Talden infantry, in his 30’s. Large tough man, dangerous with his bare hands.
Hulgra NeverhomeMs. Human Female Cleric of some short. Religion roll at DC 30 to know deity. Appears to be lover of Viaria.
Embla HightuneLadyHuman Female Bard - Child of the Varima noble family in Oppera. She attended the Rhapsodic College, where she excelled in her work. Her parents wanted to marry her off so she left her family behind, adopting the surname “Hightune” and choosing to live by her wit and performances. Appears close to Gija.
Viaria RaveneyesMr.Human Male Ranger, used to be in a travelling carnival. Has a large Ape as an animal companion. Appears to be a lover of Hulgra.
Gija SmoothstrikeLadyHuman Female Smooth type, most likely a thief of some sort. Carries an Aldori Dueling Blade. Close to Embla.
Hammon TorraleiMr.Elf Mage with very human features. Specialization not known. Quiet and the least connected to the others.
AcydGood BoyGiant Ape Follower of Viaria killed in the fight

Talden Calvary

Loyal Talden Calvary

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Gallindra Jonrek, Lieutenant Lieutenant Elephant Rider, leader of loyal unit of Taldor CalvaryPartyFriendly
Achaius EudomiusSergeantFreed from StonePartyFriendly
AufidiusPrivateFreed from StonePartyFriendly
SeiaPrivateFreed from StonePartyFriendly
PlacusPrivateFreed from StonePartyFriendly

Talden Calvary Traitors of Note

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Jaliessa StaubelCommanderCommander Unit and Traitor, Sister JondusPartyEnemy
AnuaNoneJaliessa' ramPartyEnemy
Jondus StaubelLieutenantRanger, Brother of Staubel, Husband of FathriePartyEnemy
Fathrie StaubelLieutenantRanger, Wife of JondusPartyEnemy

Zimar: City in the Lion's Eye

Lion Blades

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Kathan ZalarLadyLion BladePartyAlly
Cassandra FlorintMsLion's BladePartyAlly
Stephana ZespireLadyLoin BladeCassiaAlly and Friend
Victor RufusMr.Loin BladeCassiaAlly and Friend


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Maxillar PythareusLordHigh StrategosMain enemy in ZimarEnemy
Milon JerothLordMaxillar Pythareu's SpymasterEnemeyEnemy
Papa RassoMrInn OwnerPartyNeutral
GannaiusMrLone Lion Blade left in Zimar, Captive with DidaPartyCaptive
Quan DismaalNoneHead of Monastery of Seven SinsEnemyCaptive
GulreeshLord of FilthGiant otyugh in UndercityPartyFriendly
AvennaLadyDiviner for PythareusPartyEnemy
Astor RoderusBaronCastellan of Abadar's PillersPartyEnemy
Palo IovinusLordVault and Chain leader in Abadar's PillersPartyEnemy
Valania GoenSergeantOversees Gate Security and Patrols in ZimarPartyEnemy
Kane "Storm Bow" PhyrosLieutenantGate Security in Abadar's PillersPartyEnemy
EstellaNoneNight HagPartyEnemy
IllumiaNoneNight HagPartyEnemy
MagillaNoneNight HagPartyEnemy
FaradiaSmithAbadar's Piller SmithyPartyNone
AranMrArrested in protestPartyNone
CadonMrArrested in protestPartyNone
ZoraMsArrested in protestPartyNone
RafienSergeantRescued Vault and Chain Templar who Did not agree with the direcitonPartyNone
Patrika UrbaCaptainCaptain of the Guard of Abadar's PillarPartyNone
Thrain GavainSirWarden of Abadar's Piller, Half OrcPartyNone

Interlude and Breezy Creek

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Kalbio Breezy CreekBaronNewly installed Baron of Breezy CreekPartyAlly
Issac Constantianus TzimiskesBaronSupporter of Eutropia, Mikhael's FatherMikhaelAlly
Honor of StachysMsHead Agent for Cassia in Breezy CreekCassiaAlly
Asny SkjoldaughterMsHead Agent for Elsa in Breezy CreekElsaAlly
Nobbly-KobbMrBookkeeper for Baron Breezy Creek, GnomePlayersAlly
Kaius MeritiousCaptainChief of Staff for Baron Breezy Creek, Human, retired armyPlayersAlly
Zenia of PiltshavenMsArmswoman for Baron Breezy Creek, Human, localPlayersAlly
Yemis AvenlarViscountPredatory Human aristocrat buying up farms with useryPlayersAntagonist


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
OhaliaGeneralLong Dead General of Taldaris, now a ValkyriePartyAlly
Lieutenant FanalyxLieutenant Axiomite Policewoman in Distric 55 of SayashtoPartyAlly
NibbsMsFemale Worms that Walk DruidPlayersEnemy-Dead
EopalMrFormer Councilor of GatesPartyNeutral
TsemaniMsMedusa running for Councilor of GatespartyAntagonist
NabilMrAstronomer soulbound dollPlayersContact
Lord Squire SaipLord SquireAwakened resolute tamarin cleric of AbadarPlayersAlly
Crowntop CoupNoneResolute hivemind cockatiel swarmPlayersEnemy Defeated
ReschotpalPostmasterPostmaster of Post Office #7, District 55, was controlled by UiyatPlayersDead
LicariosPostal workerPostalworker Post Office #7, District 55PlayersContact
EantrapidasPostal workerVoid Dragon, Postalworker Post Office #7, District 55PlayersEnemy-Dead
Iphalt-CCustodianFemale Arbiter Expert, Custodian Hall of Final DeedsPlayersContact
JolmulkCouncilorAgender Petitioner Alchemist, Councilor of GravesPlayersContact
Quip QaiMr.Inn Keeper of “Touch of Golarian” InnPlayersContact
UiyatNAIntellect Devour that had taken over EntrapidasPlayersKilled
ClacosicNASlime NagaPlayers Defeated and Driven away

The End Game

NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
CarriusPrinceResurrected brother of Eutropia, the former “Twilight Child”PlayersBrother of Eutropia
Ferna DenniarMsEutropia’s lady-in-waitingPlayersAlly
Travarak DenzarniEarlMember of the Immaculate CirclePlayersEnemy
Varinia Hellena DrususLadyMysterious, not quite trusted benefactor and KavainPatron of Kavian
Panivar LotheedDukeLeader of the Immaculate CirclePlayersEnemy
Nenareen AdellaLadyMember of the Inner Circle of the Immaculate CirclePlayersEnemy
Barenby GhoomCountMemberof the Immaculate CirclePlayersEnemy


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Almoril TersianSirChief Warden of Kazuhn CityCorywnGood
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