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Gratia Vulso Vinmark

Position and Influence

Noble House Vinmark
Noble Rank None
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Oppera
Best Attitude towards a PC Cassia, Elsa
PC with Best Relationship Helpful



Race AgeEthnicityEyes

Gratia is a “girl next door” beauty, with graceful bearing, but a simple style.


Gratia strikes a balance between a simple peasent and a sophisticated noble. She often quotes her grandfather's homespun wisdom, but in a way that is not offputting. Strict Talden elite can find her provencial, but to the Vinmarks and the Ulfen heritige, she is a treasure.


Victor was the part of the Fruit of the Vine in the Rhapsodic College and beyond, including Stephana, Victor, and Cassia. She was no at the exaltation Gala, instead on a honeymoon. She and Jensil returned the night of the massacre to the chaos in the city.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Finner VinmarkFather in lawGoodOldest Son
Rannivia VinmarkMother in lawGoodOldest Son
Jensil VinmarkHusbandGoodJust Married
Luccia VulsoMotherGood
Liber VulsonFatherGood

Connections to PCs

Name Attitude Relationship Notes
ElsaHelpfulSister in lawWas set free by Rannivia
CassiaHelpfulBest FriendHelped Gratia
KavianFriendlyAt WeddingHelped save wedding
MikhaelFriendlyAt WeddingHelped save wedding


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