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Stephana Zespire

Position and Influence

Noble House Zespire
Noble Rank Dame
Influence Low
Regions of Influence Oppera
Best Attitude towards a PC Cassia
PC with Best Relationship Best Friend



Race AgeEthnicityEyes

Stephana is a striking raven haried young women who's outgoing nature attracks others to her.


Stephana is a natural leader, and very outgoing. She naturally puts others at ease.


Stephana was the leader of the Fruit of the Vine in the Rhapsodic College and beyond, including Victor, Gratia, and Cassia. She was at Gratia and Jensil's wedding, and at the Exaltation Gala. She is now missing. No body was found. Her father and mother were killed in the massacre.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Gratia Vulso VinmarkBest FriendGoodMarried to Jensil
Victor RufusBest FriendGoodVictor is also Missing
Andrus ZespireOlder BrotherGoodNow head of Household

Connections to PCs

Name Attitude Relationship Notes
CassiaHelpfulBest FriendStephana is missing


  • Contact/Agent
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