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Lady Meristiel Elluvidni

Position and Influence

Noble House None
Noble Rank Ambassador
Influence High
Regions of Influence Oppera, Kyionin
Best Attitude towards a PC Helpful
PC with Best Relationship Mikhael



Race AgeEthnicityEyes

Typical of an elf, lady Elluvidni is striking in her beauty. Her greatest gift, her sharp mind, is evident in her green eyes.


Lady Elluvidni is an elusive woman. She is more than able to stand her ground in any debate, but usually leaves the open rounds to others. Those in battles of wits find they are soon outmatched, though she delights in a true challenge. Still, when the verbal combat is over, those watching can never be sure of what she really thinks.


Ambassador to Taldor for over 40 years, Lady Elluvidni is the longest serving ambassador in the city. She was taken by Lord Tzimiskes, a human diplomat and managed to bear a son to him, much to the consternation of the family. She had recently taken an interest in getting her son more engaged in the world of diplomats and spies.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Lord TzimiskesLoverGood

Connections to PCs

Name Attitude Relationship Notes
MikhaelGoodSonShe won't make things easy for him, nor do things he could do himself


  • Arcane Training & Knowledge
  • Information
  • Access to Spellcasting
  • Access to (purchase) Magic items
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