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Rannivia Vinmark

Position and Influence

Noble House Vinmark
Noble Rank Lady
Influence High
Regions of Influence Oppera
Best Attitude towards a PC Elsa
PC with Best Relationship Helpful



Race AgeEthnicityEyes

Older than her husband, Rannivia’s blue eyes look out under greying hair. Looking into her gaze will often make one uncomfortable.


Rannivia is a calm, clear thinker, who helps her husband manage the affairs of state and household. She helps to guide her husband from his more impulsive behavior.


Rannivia comes from a long line of sucessful nobles and high society in Taldor. He family feared she would not marry, as she was already 28. Then they became less happy when she fell in love with a rough figher in the Vinmark family. While the Vinmark's were a powerful house, they were rough. Rannivia joined with her “Barbarian” and has been working to help him fit in ever since.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Finner VinmarkHusbandGoodGood
Jensil VinmarkSonGoodGood
Gratia Vulso VinmarkDaugher in lawGoodGood

Connections to PCs

Name Attitude Relationship Notes
ElsaHelpfulAdopted DaughterWas set free by Rannivia
CassiaFriendlyFriend Daughter in lawHelped Gratia
KavianFriendlyAt WeddingHelped save wedding
MikhaelFriendlyAt WeddingHelped save wedding


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