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Bafar’s Rod of Spell Fencing

Aura: Strong, Major Abjuration

Caster Level: 13th

Slot: None


Weight: 6 oz.

This wand sized gold and black rod capped with a mirror, was the creation of Grand Prince Bafar to aid in his against barbarian shamans. Lost to history and even most myths, this unique rod aids its wielder in combat against spell casters. Because of the unique nature of this item, it can only be used by a class with dedicated spell casting and cannot be used with a Use Magical Device skill.

The Rod holds 10 charges that acts much like a staff. These charges may be used on the following at the caster level of the user.

Dispel Magic: 1 Charge Dispel Magic, Greater: 2 Charges Spell Turning: 3 Charges

Up to three times a day, the user can decided to use Parry Spell on an appropriate spell countered. This works like Spell Turning

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