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Thrum of the Hidden Soul

The thrum of the hidden soul is old and unusual magic originally hailing from Azlant. Ragtag magic, it was created by desperate survivors who prayed for any means of escape from the destruction around them, even if it meant hiding away in the vain hope of someday being discovered and freed by strangers.

SLOT noneCL 13thWEIGHT —
AURA moderate necromancy

A thrum of the hidden soul appears as a single, unbreakable crimson thread. To use the thrum, you tie the thread around any Fine or smaller nonmagical object and will your soul into the marked object. The thread disintegrates and your soul transfers into the marked object as if it were a magic jar, leaving your bodyalivebutcatatonic.Youcannotmove your body or use its senses. You can remain within the magic jar for an unlimited amount of time, but cannot sense your surroundings or possess any other living creature. You may return to your original body at will. If your body is slain, you may only escape the magic jar if your body is resurrected or else a wish, miracle, or similar effect is used to restore you.

While within the magic jar, your soul is shielded from divination attempts. Spells such as scrying show the location of your corpse, and spells such as divination return information consistent with your body’s death. While your soul inhabits it, the magic jar appears non-magical to divination magic, including detect magic, identify, and legend lore


Craft Wondrous Item, magic jar, permanency

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