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Bow of Wands

Aura: Strong, Minor Transmutation Caster Level: 10th Slot: None Price: 9,000 Weight: 6 oz.

This magical pernambuco wood bow can adjust itself to play any string instrument, from a fiddle to a base fiddle. Once per day, it can be used as if the Weaponwand spell had been cast, to merge the bow with a wand of any type. This lasts 24 hours. Only one wand can be merged at a time. The bow also provides for the effects of the Feat: Lingering Performance. It the user already has this feat, then the performance lingers for an additional two rounds.

Construction Requirements: CL10 Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Wand, Weaponwand, Feat: Lingering Performance 4,500 gp

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