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Kavian Pollinius Silanius

Class and Character Information

Class Brawler
Level 4
AlignmentLawful Good
Campaign Trait Disgraced Noble
Home Monastery in Mountains near Elbistan
Alter Ego (If Any)0

Position and Influence

Noble House Silanius, Posing as Pollinius, also Posing as Bentony Heir
Noble Rank Lord
Influence Minor
Regions of Influence Stachys
Relics of Taldor Ying Jie Blade



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


Kavian is a solid young man, with the features of a warrior and a body honed by years of discipline. He is quick to action and as able with his bare hands as he is with weapons.


“Kavian was left fatherless at a young age. Being the son of the great general Protius Silanius had its privileges of course, but it also meant he and his mother rarely saw him.

He and his mother (Maecia) received word of his treachery and death third hand, after their lands were siezed and they were unceremoniously turned out to the street.

It was not long before the truth was made known through back channels. His father had been betrayed and murdered by High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus.

Maecia fled to her brother, a well-respected blacksmith turned monk Lorenus Pollinius, in his monastery, House of the Slicing Wind. There Kavian took his mother's maiden name (Pollinius) and was raised in secrecy. He years to clear and assume his father's name and replace his mother as the respected noble she has always been.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Maecia SilaniusMotherGoodLiving in exile
Lorenus PolliniusMaternal UncleGoodAbbot at House of the Slicing Wind
Kalbio CreekSaved from DeathVery GoodKalbio is willing to work with Kavian as part of his organization
Dame Parthena CrabbeMother of SepsiniaHelpfulShe supports his interest in her Daughter
Sepsimia Crabbe SilaniusWifeExcellentSepsinia is determined and loryal
Count Bartelby LotheedSaved from Crossbow BoltHelpfulGrateful for Kavian's actions, still thinks Kavian is too rough
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