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NameTitle/AddressPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Finner VinmarkSenatorElsaAdoptive Father
Gratia Vulso VinmarkLadyCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Jensil VinmarkLordCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Liber VulsoSenatorCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Luccia VulsoLadyCassia, ElsaFriend, In law
Meristiel ElluvidnirLadyMikhael Mother
Rannivia VinmarkLadyElsaAdoptive Mother
Stephana ZespireLadyCassiaFriend
Victor RufusMr.CassiaFriend
Maecia SilaniusLadyKavianMother

Iona Thomas des Vaux to her Ulfen mother Lagertha (Lothbrok) des Vaux

Corwyn Nonus (“nanny”) Opiter and Tiberia of Family Nethair of House Plecu

Cassia Family Names: Gale (f) oldest Pasara (f) 2nd Marcius (m) 3rd Tiberus (m) 4th Cassia  Helen(f) youngest Magus Alan Karthis (Dad) Tania Camilia Karthis (Mom) Victor (Friend)

Kavian Maecia Silanius (mother) Lorenus Pollinius (Uncle) Protius (Dead father)

Mihhael Lord Tzimiskes is married to Lady Dominica Lucopera Tzimiskes 2 sisters, his older sister (28) Theodora Angela Tzimiskes and a younger sister Lucia Diogene Tzimiskes (20)

Tremerus Lady Nepia,  is a rather well-known sculptor in the area. Their wealth and position are well secured within the region. Tremerus's father, Lord Oreneus, oversees their families shipwright companies, which in general are doing well Frigenus Mentor

Detash Igorr Torsim, Partner

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