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Non Player Characters

Background Contacts, Allies, Rivals, and Enemies

Relationship are the levels of Amenity/Enmity, Power, and Influence. This is listed with a positive number for Amenity, negative for Enmity, followed by a slash for Power and slash for Influence.

See Contacts, Allies, Rivals, & Enemies for more information.

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/InfluenceNotes
Shika YathMandala MangerMariaPowerful Contact+2/5/4Left on Good Terms
Sgt. Esja Noseln Drug pusher DavidEnemy-1/1/2Punished crew who David caught pushing drugs
Gerwar Long Agent who followed him for parents VincentContact+1/2/1 Went off to join a Travaller crew
Uum MuuuinsiImperial Talent ScoutLucasContact+2/5/3Moved up in her organization
Dr. Atule Azlow Eccentric Mentor and fellow VagrLucasAlly+4/5/6Wanted Lucas to join his clan
Loumus SwainRival Scientist LucasEnemy-2/6/5Worked with government to disrupt his publication


NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipNotes
Anson KobleinzFellow SurvivorAllAlso SkilljackedNone
Hambley TommermanSmallhauler SkipperAllSmall Hauler CrewNone
Sayelle MikolosSmallhauler TechAllSmall Hauler CrewNone
Telford ‘Abe’ AbergevennyMed TecAllPriving Site NineNone
Corey ShiroBot WranglerAllPriving Site NineNone
Katriona StarvniSite ScientistAllPriving Site NineNone

How Did We Get Here?

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipNotes
Sorrel TergaiiGrad StudentAllEmployeeNone
Auther HammondGrad StudentAllEmployeeNone
Gwith'thinGrad StudentAllEmployeeBwap
Etoko EboWeiss Mobil Muhammad Mal AllCaptainNone
Alston HiltasWeiss Mobil Muhammad Mal AllAstrogator, MaintenanceNone
Ben SactinWeiss Mobil Muhammad Mal AllEnginnnerNone
Vin GarteriWeiss Mobil Muhammad Mal AllPilot, EngineerNone
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