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Diary of Adventure

01 Monsters from the deep

June 2019

The player characters meet each other through the Gilchrest Trust. They're asked to investigate the disappearance of a young woman of a prominent family. Mr. Silver uses his prominence to approach the family and start the investigation. Meanwhile the Ms. O’Kasick and Mrs. McKlintock follow up with the young lady's boyfriend.

The ladies are led to a creepy sounding doctor he's very concerned with young women and their innocence. Unable to get in to see the doctor as a patient, the group waits for him to leave directions to his office to search it. Teasing the clues together they suspect he is headed to an island.

Mr. Silver and Lee the team to their equipment room fit the group including masks. They then drive to the docks and head out to the island. Sneaking up the Doctor’s cultists, they find the group standing around preparing for a ritual. The young lady as well as two other missing women being held in a cage over the water.

Lee attempts to sneak as close as possible to the cage before guns for it. Mr. Silver in the other team members begin shooting at the cultist start the rifles. Lee finds himself fighting the arms cultists and the doctor. After taking them down, Lee braves fire and moves the cage to safely to free the women.

As Lee turned, a fishman emerged from the water. Lee was able to take its Trident from it and stab it as the rest of the group came back to fire. A second fish man arose, but both were driven back to the water. The group trucks to capture doctor is Arcane tome and the girls back to shore. Miss O’Kasick kept the book to study, and the evil doctor was turned over to the authorities.

02 Monster from Space

July 2019

A few weeks passed and the group members settled back into their normal lives. Miss O’Kasick studies the book during this time and has a bout of brief insanity. Mrs. McClintock found her and got her back to health. Professor Oswald showed interest in the book what's possessive of it.

The group received a request to investigate an occurrence at the home of a very wealthy family North of Arkham. There they find something has destroyed a fountain leaving claw marks in stone. Searching the area, the team finds very odd bunch of small cases one of which broke to release a horrible sulfuric smell. It was clear something was odd about these cases. As they searched, it also became clear one of the workmen had stolen one of these cases and then headed back to Arkham.

Lee drove with the ladies as fast as he could chasing the bus that took the worker back to Arkham. Beating them there. Ms. O’Kasick used her hypnotism on the landlady to gain access to and search his room. There is a found his diary where it was clear he was pining after the daughter of the rich woman. It was also clear he had discovered the case was an egg what's growing. Indeed, there was blood where it appeared paramour has been bitten.

The team called Mr. Silver and Professor Oswald and ask him to come down and then raced to University. Young lady was not at her dorm. And the group ran across campus to find her. Lee ran faster than the other two and saw the young lady the labor professor getting into a car. Lee pulled his 45 and ordered the group to freeze.

The ladies soon arrived while lee held the three at gun point. It was clear something was alive in that trunk. The doctor claimed he was taking this discovery home where he could better review it. Security and the young woman's brother showed up showed up and invited everyone inside to talk. It was at that point Ms. McClintock noted the great shadow night Sky.

A great winged beast swept down and savaged the doctor while everyone ran inside. Lee was face-to-face with some sort of alien being. He fired his weapon futilely. The Beast left the remains of the doctor and destroyed the car taking out of it its young from the trunk. It flew into the night sky.

Lee helps security concoct a story, for the young woman was taken to her dorm and the brother spoke to the ladies later that evening Mr. Silver and Professor Oswald showed up. The brother discussed what they had seen like a night gaunt. It appears he studied such things at the University.

The group decided to immediately return to the rich woman's home. They came with the promise attacks would stop.

Following on the legend of the swamp wizard, they searched the swamp find the hut swamp elementals. Variable to deal with the elementals and the talisman summoning them. There they decided to use the rest of the cases call in the creature. I found the binding spell find the creature. Lee volunteered quite forcefully they just needed cast the spell to bonds creature.

However, staying hidden tonight gaunt Lane took the case and had attached its young to its body I flew back to the Stars.

Tired from being up over a day the group returned to the mansion the questions clean and spend the night before heading back to Arkham and Boston.

03 The Masks of N-1

August 2019

The group is invited by Jackson Elias heart and South American expedition for missing pyramid being headed by Dr. Larkin. They make arrangements, and head down to meet with doctor Larkin. Mr. Silver makes sure to check in what's the American ambassador in Peru in the city of Lima when they arrive.

Jackson Elias is posing is Jesse Hughes he is Undercover also with Dr. Larkin is Lewis Jose D’Mendoza. After the initial meeting Elias and most of the group go for a drink. At this first meeting, it is clear the pale man is clearly addicted to some sort of substance. Lee follows Larkin and D’Mendoza. He goes into his hotel henchman continues walking. Lee hears someone following him on the roofs. When his quarry, D’Mendoza, turns down on alley and waits, Lee easily climbs up the roof on the other side of the alley, waiting to ambush the person following him. Sure enough, somebody comes across the roof, and Less fights against the surprisingly tough man. Lee lands a strong hit but it does not appear to stun him. The man opens his mouth and a lamprey like proboscis emerges trying to grab Lee. Setting aside his batons. Lee fires his 45 taking the top of the man's head off. But that wasn't sufficient, as an actual Lamprey like worm comes out and Lee shoots that. Covered in blood and ichor, Lee quickly leaves the roof clothes to hide in and makes his way to the hotel where he tells the team all that just happened.

Meanwhile the rest of the team had heard stories strange vampires usually looking like white men fat out of victims. They wonder if that's what Lee saw.

The next day Mr. Silver and Professor Oswald visit the local University to find out this Lost Pyramid. Calls are they discover the desiccated corpse of an intern and they gain access to a piece of gold a-Rod that appears to have burned the creature who tried to take it.

The Team then breaks into Larkin’s room tell after he leaves. His room is a mess what you would expect from an opium addict. Any notes he has google to decipher. The room across the way appears to be the room of D’Mendoza. Searching it, Mr. Silver comes across a journal in the mirror and has a vision floating pyramid on a train this cannot make sense of. Leaving the group is very concerned mike happened at night and just asleep and Mr. Silver’s Suite. Ms. O’Kasick by the events put yourself to sleep by drinking.

In the middle of the night burst open pale men enter into the room. The team begins to fire monsters coming into the room to the windows and then crashing through the barricaded door. Professor Oswald uses to Golden rod strike which causes corpses to be turned to Ash. What's the monsters including does D’Mendoza dealt with, the group brace to Larkins room to confront him. Larkin isn't a drug-induced stupor. This O’Kasick tries to hypnotize him to discover what he has to say ice turn black terrifying voice spoke from him talking about games and fun characters. Dark and then collapses back in his stupor call the police show up and take the party into custody.

All are put into the same cell along with some drunks. The police all the characters out one by one in order to test their story, but the group has had ample time to all say the same thing. Lee pretends to not speak English. Mr. Silver is of course, screaming for the Ambassador.

The drunks to have their way with the Gringos. Advancing first on Mr. Silver, the largest of the drunks does not even see Lee's Punch coming. Thrown back on to the pallet, the other drugs decide to leave well enough alone.

In the tank it becomes obvious that there is necrosis or gangrene with Larkin. Mr. Silver tells the guards who take him outside and pour water over his head. Dragging Larkin back into the room reaches out with his hands one landing on the face of regard One landing on the guard side sucks the life out of them. His head comes up and his eyes are black voice return.

“I've had enough of this!”

Moving quickly, Lee grabs a pallet and force floor can against the wall. Mr. Silver and Miss O’Kasick grabs the guard bodies talk herded the drunks out of the room. Cutting the key off one of the guards Mr. Silver slammed and lock the door as lead bounded out.

Professor Oswald and Mr. Silver yell for the Ambassador in the Inspector to get in here. As they around the corner, the Ambassador and Inspector see Larkin slamming open the door, sending metal splinters everywhere. Having grabbed the gun from a guard, Mr. Silver fires two shots, hitting center of mass and then straight in the face as the black-eyed Larkin says “Oh, Bother.”

Both guards are dead in the aftermath. After a brief conversation with the Ambassador, the party is told by the inspector “You have trucks needed eight meet them get out of the city and do not come back.”

Sept 2019

The party rendezvous for the trucks Mr. Elias and heads for Mountain Village get directions to pyramid. We insist on driving one of the trucks. They make it to the village with Miss O’Kasick Lee and Professor Oswald attitude sickness. All choose to use coca leaves to help get them through the effect. After a night at the Village the next day all three are feeling better.

The team begins to talk to the village in order to get and it potentially a guide to go to the pyramid. They notice for different disheveled men watching them from a distance. Elias has a contact what's an old witch in a stilt Hut. They tell her what they've seen, and she says these creatures have not gone into the cities before and that they must put Circle Drive back. Hearing of the men watching them, she sends out the men of the village to find them Mr. Silver and Lee go with them.

Outside set vampires for emerging from the water. Fire to his 303 o three into one. Mr. Mr. Silver more and both fired at 1 on the roof. Professor Oswald Struck One trying to come in the window with a golden rod causing it to pop. In the bodies of the other attackers 3 did not burn. It was clear they would be facing these again.

Pussy attack some men were selected to guide them to the pyramid. Their first night their llamas were attacked creatures as the party gunned it down. With less supplies, they continue on to the valley with a pyramid. Along the way they rescued a boy being attacked by one of the creatures. Lee bandages him up. Viewing the pyramid with a spyglass they saw two of the creatures vomiting fat. A crack at the top of the pyramid. Once those two it got down a pipe into the pyramid team stock down. Their native guides promise to be two ridges over and spend one night.

Search the area and decide a rope could be dropped down the one pipe but look for other ways in. The growing number of flies in the area spoke to dead bodies. Mr. Silver found a pit full of dead bodies for they can gain entrance but would require going through bodies. Professor Oswald and Ms. O’Kasick scaled the pyramid and look down the crack. Both had trouble later describing what they saw but Professor Oswald came down convinced he was covered in flies laying eggs all over his body. Lee and Mr. Silver physically restrained them on this Ms. O’Kasick put him into handcuffs. Her attempt to remove the memory failed. Elias volunteered to take him back up to the guy camp.

The Team climbs down the hole with the last being Ms. O’Kasick. She had trouble which cause lead to go back up the Rope. Unfortunately, she slips, but the agile Lee catches her and help your back to the bottom.

Exploring the passages, they found the sleeping forms of the man that woman they saw on top of the pyramid. Lee took the gold rod and stuck up on them. Going around the hallway they found where the golden rod needed to be replaced, but it was blocked by a pint of fat. Debating on whether or not set it on fire or climb over it the group decided to climb over it and Lee volunteers forcefully. Lee slipped as he climbed it fell into the fat and Mr. Silver pulled him out by the rope. Lee had one of the worm creatures on him then burned it off for the rod. Cleaned off with a blanket, Lee then climbs the wall again and safely made it into position using his hammer he hammered the rod back into place.

Concentrating on the wall Lee does not sense shift that the rest of the group felt. It is clear to them something had change to the universe. Lee deftly swings back, and the group hightails it out of the pyramid.

Walking back Elias and Professor Oswald possessed bodies struggling to get back to the pyramid but falling apart as it went.

From there things are routine back to the Village and returning to the United States. Kasich my professor read to study the book together. Irish proposed being with someone they studied not to read the book but just for safety sake.

04 New York, New York

Oct 2019

Time has passed since the adventure in South America, and everyone has been going about their normal routines. They receive a message from Elias asking them to come to NYC in the dead of winter. Mr. Silver decides to take the car, and the team heads by train from Boston to the City. Unfortunately, they discover Elias has been murdered in a grisly fashion by cultists. The team cannot save Elias but does tangle with cultists. This, of course, leads to questions by the police.

They are invited to the funeral and reading of the will. In addition, they find several notes and Elias journal. This increasingly disorganized writing sends them on the lead of the cult and the Carlye Expedition. It also points to a corrupt police captain who seems to have “solved” the cult murders by pinning it on an innocent man. Mr. Silver gets additional information from a local Times reporter who is interested in the story, and in awe of who is talking to her.

At the funeral, Lee stays by the car, and notices a man taking plate information. Lee jumps and subdues the man to find out who hired him, which is the cult. Lee bribes him with $20 and Gloria makes sure his trip back sticks with her hypnosis

After following the man back to Harlem, they team has a good idea of where to go after the cultist at the Ju Ju house. However, they wait until night to go there. The team happens to see the corrupt police captain go by in his driven car and they follow discretely. He is dropped off outside a precinct. Getting into costume, Lee takes out his driver and The Scarlet Fox gets in the back seat. When he returns to the car, the two kidnap the police captain. They drive him around with the Fox giving him a ring and recruits him into his organization of informants. The captain is quite scared, and they drop him off at outside his home and ditch the car.

The next day, the group is at the will reading, and Elias has left them with money and resources. There are not any ill events at the reading, though the group is on alert.

Nov 2019

That evening, it is time to tackle the Ju Ju house. Everyone is masked up, as is becoming the norm for this group. Sneaking in, they intercept the caretaker, who is strangely acquiescent to their demands to go into the basement. Lee opens the door to see what they thought were statues at first moving towards them. Making his sanity roll in single digits, Lee calmly closes the door and asks the good Professor for dynamite. Using his talent, it turns out the Professor has plenty, and they toss some into the room.

The “zombies” dead, they can tell some monster is beneath a great stone seal plug. The men lift the plug, hearing sanity destroying screams of a monster they refuse to look at. The ladies toss the rest of the dynamite into the hole and the drop the plug and run.

There is a loud explosion and the whole building is slightly lifted. The masked group exited the building into the face of two police. Lee deftly disarmed them, and the group roared away in the stolen police car, Lee avoiding any issues with the hazardous roads.

After a rough night’s sleep, the next day, Mr. Silver turns over notes and pictures taken by Gloria to the reporter to reveal the cult and help to clear the man on death row.

Dec 2019

Securing a visit with Ms. Carlye, the Professor and Mr. Silver have a good meeting. She revels secured Mythos Tomes in her possession, which the Professor examines. Mr. Silver suggests she send them to Arkahm because others might want to steal them. Ms. Carlye tells Silver of are lost brother, the doctor who ended up encouraging him instead of helping him, and her distaste for the whole matter. There is good chemistry between the two, and Silver promises to find out what he can. Her best information is an organization in London, who helped her brother set up the expedition to Egypt.

Mr. Silver and Lee break into Carlye’s psychiatrist’s office to get his notes which results in some comedy of errors with Mr. Silver failing his stealth and climb attempts. The two are still able to get what they need and flee the scene.

Mr. Silver is worried about the cult still being active. They find a member to interrogate and discover the cult is going to kidnap the corrupt captain. Lee impressed the cultist with an 01 on his intimidate roll. The cultist assumes Lee is part of another cult from Asia. He and Mr. Silver discover that there may be many cults around the working towards some horrible ends. The worry about how best to contact him and warn him. First they case his home, which is better protected that it was, most likely thanks to his kidnapping. They are able to follow someone casing the place to a home, where the cult is squatting to stage an attack. Gloria is sent to make a phone call, summoning the police that the captain is in danger. That call is timed to give the rest of the group a chance to break into the house and catch the cultists off guard just as the sun goes down.

Hitting the home, the team engages in a strong fire fight, taking out the cultists on the bottom floor. Mr. Silver is unfortunately pretty hurt, and he is forced to use luck to gain HP. He maxes out his roll, but Lee is still very alarmed. Then the cult leader casts a spell and throws a vial down the stairs. Silver shoots it, and it explodes mid air on the stairs. Lee charges up and the fight goes on as the gas condenses into a Dimensional Shambler. The beast grabs and eats a cultist in front of the team, who start pouring fire into the monster. Lee, having physically gained control of the cult leader, throws the leader into the monster, and he shares the fate of his minon. Finally, after taking nearly a dozen shots the monster fades back to where it came from. The group staggers outside to Gloria and the car. Lee takes the wheel and the group flees the area. Lee comments he wants to research the Asian cult in case that comes in handy again.

On to London!

05 Across the Pond

Jan 2020

Having booked a ship across the Atlantic, the group spends time in study, each working on improving some skill in the time they have. Gloria keeps well away from the sides of the ship and hunkers down due to her ongoing fear or water.

The rules in England around guns are odd. Hand guns and rifles are not allowed, but shotguns are (for hunting, old chap). However, Mr. Silver telegrams ahead that he is coming to prepare for a safari, and the large number of weapons they have are for that purpose. Indeed, he has an appointment set up to meet with the same organization who helped Carlyle set up his venture.

Gloria and Iris go to the newspaper that specializes in odd stories to follow up on that lead, while the men go to the expedition Organization. From the paper, there are three leads of odd incidents that pique the groups interest. Gloria gets herself hired a reporter for the newspaper. Then, she goes to meet with the Silver and Lee, while the Professor heads north to visit his family, and Iris gets into contact with her in-laws in Ireland to see about a possible crew for a boat.

While Gloria and Mr. Silver go to the home of a wild new painter to explore buying a painting, Lee heads to Derbyshire to investigate the deaths of several people at the claws and teeth of some sort of animal. The locals are not willing to talk much to Lee. The police say they killed a wild dog and things should be fine now, though since that time a new full moon as not returned. The one man who survived the attack was away at the sea, with his brother convalescing. He refused to come to the phone. The local priest and groundskeeper clearly did not want to talk to Lee, and firmly locked the doors behind him. Lee retired to the pub to spread some tails of fighting monsters, but his race and small stature did not help.

Back in London, the trip to the home of the painter was interesting to say the least. Immediately, the noticed an odd smell, but could not place their finger on it. The man lived with his old mother, an odd lady, who seemed very interested in making sales. Her son was gaunt and pale, looking agitated and anxious. He showed off the paintings he had, which were so strange, the party members had to make sanity roles. One image in particular, matched the vision Mr. Silver had had back in the hotel room in South America. They agreed to buy that painting. Gloria and the old woman went to make tea. In the flicker of the gas stove, the old woman’s shadow was that of a snake. Gloria, now having seen many weird things, kept her cool, and told Mr. Silver. Now they knew that the smell reminded them of: the reptile house at the zoo.

Feb 2, 2020

Lee joins the group in London. Mr. Silver decided to see about a seaplane for their journey, and they decided on a F-5-L many of which were in surplus after the Great War.

Lee very strongly wanted to kill “the lizard person” having now become used to monsters pretending to be people. Investigation of the painter’s habits showed that he tended to pick up hookers on a schedule and that those hookers tended to disappear. This Saturday is a day he is out, and Lee, playing to type, suggests kidnapping. Soon, they have a shaken man, spilling his guts about his mother being eaten by a snake man. Now he has to feed him/her/it hookers. And the monster gives him doses of drugs to make him hallucinate and paint the odd paintings. This includes one kept locked up and covered. His ravings make it sound like a portal to another world that the snake person uses. At this point, the group of investigators is willing to believe that.

Gloria is dispatched to make a phone call from a pub, to ask the woman about buying another painting, since she was with Mr. Silver in the first place. Silver and Lee wait at the backdoor, with a key, while the Iris is in the rented car, sleeping painter in the back. Sneaking in while the monster is on the phone, Lee enters the room and shoots him/her/it point blank with a shot gun. The likeness of the old woman falls like a skin, and the monster falls dead. They motion in Iris to help search the home, finding the lab used to make the odd drug, 4 doses of it in the basement. In the locked room in the attic, they found the covered portal and removed it. Lee too the body to the car, and as a group they threw the body into the Thames and burned the portal painting. The poor painter they left at a hospital, and made it look as if there was a break in and theft of the valuable paintings.

That just left the mystery of the Egyptian murders. To the investigators, it seemed clear a cult was killing people for some reason. It is amazing how these things fall into place. Gloria and Iris talk to Scotland Yard, and discover the original police investigator disappeared. They promise to give the inspector any information they uncover.

They team is interested in the Blue Pyramid Club, a club that caters to middle east nationals. Considering Mr. Silver’s credit rating, they are easily able to gain admittance. Once in the club, the group splits up to investigate. Lee notices a white man go to talk to the owner. He easedrops, and it is clear this man is wanting to set something up for the investigators. Lee warns the team, and suggests Iris get to know the British Gentleman better, finding his name is Ralphie Cook. Iris nods and engages him in conversation and drinking. It is not long before he is sloshed and willing to leave with Iris. As the team departs it is clear there are thugs in the parking lot.

Mr. Silver and Lee move to get the car and are confronted by the street gang. They go to town, with the more adapt Lee taking them down two to one on his boss, who frankly, would rather be shooting them. Two of the thugs close on the women and Iris’s “date”. Iris uses the drunken man to slow the attackers who try to go after both ladies. Silver goes to help the women, while Lee finished up the gang on them. It moments, all the attackers lay on the ground, and Lee gets the rental car for a fast retreat.

And they Kidnap the Mr. Cook.

May 2020

Safe in the car, Silver beings to intimidate Mr. Cook, with a knife, a lighter, and a story about native sepoys in the Great War and their interrogation methods. He fails his roll to intimidate but pushes for a hard success. Mr. Cook spills his guts, talking about how Mr. Edward Gavigan is the head of a cult trying to bring about the end of the world. Not sure they were getting everything Gloria used her powers to probe his memories. The man is insane. He tells of the cult working with the Egyptians, but that they were at odds, with their leader a Ms. Zahra Shafik. She controls Empire Spices. The owner of the Blue Pyramid is bullied and paid off to keep things quiet. Things are being shipped from Ho Fang exports, by Penhew that will be sent to Shanghai. He also revels a secret room at the Foundation, how to access it, and that at Mr. Gavigan’s estate at the full moon the conduct rituals and summon dragons. He also mentions Henderson Manufacturing who are making a mysterious device, not too far from Derbyshire.

Having pumped the man for all they could get, Gloria leaves an implanted memory of a great night with Iris, and Lee acts the part of cabbie taking him into a hotel, “passed out” from drinking with Iris. Iris leaves later, walking out the side door. The group heads back to the hotel to meet up with the Professor, tell him what he has missed and get some sleep.

The next morning, Mr. Silver announces that the group needs a better base of operations, and instructs Lee to rent a truck, and a warehouse, while he goes to secure a motorcycle, back up, parts, and tools. The Professor heads to obtain some dynamite “for the expedition” and rolls a 04 on luck, scoring 8 cases. It is about then Lee rolls up with the truck and they take it to the warehouse.

The ladies do recon and investigate the Spice Shop. There, Gloria discovers odd spices that can be used in rituals and buys some. Iris takes home hops. No one there seems like a crazy cultist, but who can tell. They then drive by the ship and warehouse, which is in a poor part of the docks. Iris turns on the charm too well, and the man she is talking too tries to take her away. Iris swings her purse and breaks his nose, much to the amusement of his comrades. He staggers back and Iris makes for the car. Gloria guns it, and immediately turns into a traffic jam, but they are not pursued.

The team gets some rest, deciding to hit the warehouse. Lee reminds the group they can pretend to be acting as part of the Cult of the Bloated Woman, which they discovered existed in New York. They decided to make the robbery of the warehouse look like a common robbery.

Infiltration is easy as Iris rolls under 10 to pick the lock. They slip in past the board guards. They find 15 crates with Chinese and English on them, from the Penhew foundation. Opening them, they find the parts of an odd machine, clearly human made, but for what the group has no idea. Lee begs Silver and the Professor not to smash it, asking to take it all. They also find different artifacts, including an Egyptian statue with tentacles for a face which seem to move, and an odd knife. Lee takes out one guard, and then he and Silver sneak up on and take out the others. Tied up, Silver and Lee find another truck to steal, and the spend the evening loading up the crates. Iris, thanks to a hard success on her luck roll, throws in tommy guns they found, and a 50 cal they can mount on the plane. They get everything into the warehouse and call it a night.

The next day, while the women examine the artifacts, Silver and the Professor, driven by Lee, go back to the Foundation to demand to know where they stand on the preparations for their expedition. Mr. Gavigan’s secretary says he is not to be disturbed. Silver makes his own disturbance, again pushing a roll, and the door opens for the group to be able to overhear Gavigan’s complaints about the theft from last night.

He does see the group and apologizes. Silver sends Lee to scope out the first floor, and he does find the entrance to the secret room. The trio leave the building and head back. The ladies go to research Henson, while Lee looks at the odd machine. Again, a pushed roll reveals that is an engine of some sort. Maybe there will be more answers at Henderson. The group decides to head out of town to check that site out and will swing by Derbyshire in the next couple of days to deal with the werewolf.

June 2020

The team came up with disguises for the trip north. Officially, they were headed to Bristol, but really, the group is headed up to the Derby region. Mr. Silver left instructions with the Gilcrest Trust, and left them in forwarding communications.

  • Professor: Famed Monster Hunter, Professor Reginald Lloyd Hamilton III
  • Mr. Silver: Theodore Marley Brooks, Hamilton’s able Manservant and Bodyguard
  • Ms. MacClintok: Abigale Amelia Wells, the tragically orphaned child of Hamilton’s sister, Amelia.
  • Ms. O’kasic: Madam Olivia, the mysterious veiled seeress from Canada, who helps guide Hamilton to slay the foul beasts
  • Lee: Chen, servant to the Professor

They took the car, driven by the Professor, with the ladies, and Lee and Mr. Silver came along in the Truck. They checked in at the inn in town. Lee was recognized as the “Chinaman” and again was a big hit with his salacious stories about killing the “snake woman”, with Iris’s help. The rest of the group mingled, with the Professor managing to bore others, but the Charming Mr. Silver regaling the working class patrons with his skeptical, world weary, working man act, as he played up being a manservant to a nut case. Gloria put on her act as a spiritualist and exchanged readings for information from the locals. In all, the team was able to gain useful information, most notably the local manor has a family that suffers under a curse. They have been keeping to themselves. After Lunch, Mr. Silver drove to Plum Castle to drop off a request for a visit by his “employer” and managed to “get lost” on the way back and came up to the Hensen factory. There, he argued with a man speaking such a dialect neither could understand the other, until a Forman came out and gave him directions. “Reoriented” Silver drove back, having scoped out the factory.

Silver returned to the inn, and all players got a good afternoon’s sleep. Leaving during the dinner rush, Lee drops out the window so well, the team does not even see him go (making an extreme success on his climb roll going out the window). Everyone else leaves by normal means, off, as they tell anyone who asks, to scour the moor for monsters. They climb into the Truck and head to Hensen. Using the barn Silver scouted previously, they scan the complex to see three guards, one outside under a light, one with an electric torch and one inside. Lee deftly scales the wall and leaves a rope behind getting to the wall. A hard success on his luck roll means both men come out at the same time and split off. Dropping behind the guard outside (having to use 16 luck to make his roll), and then taking him out, with a roundhouse kick, deftly catching the man’s falling light with another extreme success on a Dex check to catch.

Lee tries to use the light to signal the team, but it alerts the man outside who comes to investigate. Silver slides behind him misses with his punch but pushes his roll to swing around with the butt of his pistol. The guard is still up, and he and Silver grapple, missing each other until Silver scores an extreme success to knock the man out.

Lee sneaks into the factory and easily takes out the last man with a surprise, knocking him out with a blow from under a table. The team was in. They moved to search the building. Lee went to the office to find blueprints, while Iris went to work on the well locked safe. The other three searched the room, finding normal items for a metal working factory. Lee struck gold with the blueprints and took them and left another fake note from the Cult of the Bloated Woman.

Told the roll to unlock the safe was an extreme success, Iris made the roll, and without using luck, rolled it. The group cheered and got to see what was in the safe. There, odd materials, ancient devices, not rusted but fossilized, along with new pieces being crafted. Lee wanted it all. The loaded the truck. After dropping the team off outside of town, Lee took the 5 hour round trip, plus two hours to unload, and secured all the items in their secret warehouse. Lee got back close to dawn, parked the truck and with another insane climb and extreme stealth check, was suddenly in the room with Mr. Silver. Silver just shrugged, said “Welcome, back” and finished getting up. The group had their story straight, and Lee was to act like he was here all night, sick.

During breakfast, as the group grumbled about not having any luck with finding a monster, the local constable came to ask the outsiders questions. Of course, the charming Silver was more than able to sound like he was where he said he was at the moor. The constable also went up to question Lee who pretended to be sick. Rolling his 15% charm, Lee was able to sell being sick (what was with these rolls? – Ed). So convinced, the constable asked Lee to read a poor copy of the translation. Lee went even more pale, dropped the page and acted scared. He stuttered it was about an evil cult that killed children, called the Bloated Women, and that they were angry with Penhew. The officer left, and the group got ready for lunch at Plum Castle.

August 16, 2020

The group leaves for the Manor to have lunch and met the Vane family at Plum Castle. Lee naps in the car under a blanket while the rest go in. They are met by the son, Lawrence Vane, who takes them to meet the father. The Professor plays up his hunter persona and engages Lord Arthur Vale around hunting of different types of beasts. The Lord Vane poo poos the tales of a werewolf.

Gloria wanders to a library and finds a book on the family history. It purports to tell of a witch in the 17th Century who made a pact with dark forces, than now effects the women born to the family. It was then, Eloise, daughter of the lord came into the library. Gloria talked to her and when she found she could not sleep, she made a stunning hypnosis roll to probe her about her dreams, using her Madam Olivia persona. The young lady began to scream and the family burst into the room. Gloria rolled well again and got her to quiet down. The family escorted her away with practice. Her brother asked the party to meet him at the Mausoleum tonight.

That night, they group parked at a distance and went to the Mausoleum as requested. There, Lawrence took them below the crypt, to cells, where his sister was locked up, partially transformed into some sort of creature. She was screaming, dressed in torn clothes. Gloria attempted to calm her and did, but then, the party heard the sounds of strange creatures, and the young lady was interested in the outside.

Ascending the later, the group was confronted with maybe two dozen sets or red eyes, reflecting the moon light and drawing closer. A voice from the darkness requested talk, and the group talked to the voice. They agreed to lower weapons and let it come forward, to be reveled as a creature who was once a man from the 9th Legion of Rome, Quintus Dias of the IX. As they spoke, he noted he could smell the taint of murder from the group, and that they had touched something from beyond. He assured the party he was not part of the things they pursued, and he promised that they could help the poor thing and let her keep her sanity. The group could see this was the only answer, and they got Lawrence to agree.

As the beasts collected their new member, Lee asked them to look at his dagger. Looking it over, the creatures were able tell Lee it could be turned into a serpent with the right command word, spoken in the language on the dagger. He also offered the group the opportunity to learn a spell, to summon ghouls to clean up after their escapades. While the group expected Gloria and the Professor to jump at the chance, Lee startled them by also asking to learn the spell. Silver was concerned and took Lee aside. Lee said “You have almost died three times already, Mr. Silver. I must take every advantage I can.”

With that the ghouls, for that is what they were, left under a cloud over the moon and were gone. The group saw Lawrence home and went back to the inn to discover that someone, most likely cultists had been at the Inn asking about them. It was time for breakfast, a nap, and trek to Mr. Gavigan’s estate. Lee earnestly hoped that this full moon they were not summoning dragons, but he knew that was a lie to himself.

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