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Mage: Paths In Darkness

Setting: Chicago, 2014

This Chronicle is set in Chicago, because that is a city of darkness in our world. In the WOD, it is even worse. Characters do not have to be from Chicago area. We will work out how they ended up there in character creation and the Prelude. Murder rates are higher than in the real world, officials are more corrupt, or under the sway of other forces. Vampire politics clash with Glass Walker Werewolves. The Unseelie Changeling Princess schemes against the Fae Prince. The Technocracy plots the next release of technology, while growing more and more disturbed by the supernatural forces around them. Nephandi and Marauders leave chaos and death behind. Amid all that, the Tradition Mages seek to survive and find their way to Ascension and help the sleepers around them along their paths as well.

Themes and Moods

  • Journey: The theme is a light in the darkness on a path to the unknown.
  • Danger: Life is dangerous, and there are no guarantees of safety. Be prepared that your character might not survive. If that happens, we will create a new one. Gregor came within one success of dying in the Werewolf game. The dice will fall where they may.
  • Both Together and Apart:The characters are together, but also working their own paths. The team needs to help each other along, especially when it gets weird.
  • Creativity: Mages are great sources of creativity; embraces yours. Awakening is like being reborn as a child.

Campaign Resources

We are using the 2nd Ed. Core Rule Book Mage: 20th Anniversary Edition. Book of Shadows Player’s Guide. Tradition books loaded into the Dropbox or the ones I own. These are a mixture of first and second edition. Any Brotherhood characters may start with Do (the drop boxes in Other Traits has it).




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Summary of Characters

Megan Durbin

Celestial Chorus, Linda

Linda is playing a Celestial Chorister who is a strong Catholic and the second oldest member of the party. Megan is a full MD, working in a clinic is a block away from the hotel that they're all in. She is highly dedicated to her cause of helping others, and is adamant that while life exists, there is hope for redemption. She is an individual of true faith, and had strongly impacted the actions of the team already in this regard.

Trent Maleki

Virtual Adept, Doug

Trent is older than most new Adapts, and the oldest member of the group. Trent was late to awaken, and appears to have spent decades with odd magikal effects around him . A typical nerdish recluse, he has some resources he tends to want to spend all of his time online. He is obsessed with lotteries investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Edgar Ashley

Order of Hermes, Matt

Edgar is a member of the Order of Hermes, who was working very hard at the Chicago University in order to a thesis (he still has not done) to get his Ph.D. He has a somewhat crazed mentor, who introduced him into the greater World of Darkness and different Powers. He has been working as the business manager the clinic and in many ways has acted as for Megan's right hand. He eager to get his thesis behind him and concentrate on the Awakened world.

Adrien Smith

Son of Ether, Tracy

Adrien is a Daughter of Ether. She works as a small cog lawyer in a big corporate law firm. She is connected to the Son of Ether run Club the Babbage Club this within the city. The Babbage Club is a club for esoteric thinkers, rich steampunk enthusiasts, and at its top, Sons of Ether. It looks like a harmless cosplay/nerd fest but hides a Tradition Chantry in the heart of the Technocracy, with 5 other Etherites. It is through these contacts at the club, that Adrien has her supply of quintessence that comes as a positronic battery for her Robot Familiar, Tom.


Verbena, Matthew

Vaughn had his Awakening in the Pacific Northwest and ended up fleeing to the Chantry with a young Werewolf (Joy) in-tow, which made for an interesting introduction. That werewolf was introduced in the city Sept at The Fanum and is awaiting passage before she's allowed out to play. Trent is hostile the Catholic church in the choristers is a bon vivant and has been partying up a storm and has already been followed home by a vampire at one point.

Jonathon Ross

Son of Ether, Eric

Both of JR’s parents are Awakened Etherites and he and his sister grew up surrounded by Weird Science as much as most people grow up around television and computers. It was only natural that JR would Awaken with all the examples around him. College was an interesting experience as JR had to conceal his interest in alternative methodologies while gaining his degree in Chemical Engineering. After a few years working in the family laboratories, JR is taking a sabbatical to “head out on the highway” and “looking for adventure.” Another SoE is out in the world and the world had better watch out.

Adventure Journal

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