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Kingmaker Adventure Journal

A History by Tarcil the Mythologist

These are incomplete, as I did not keep great logs at first. We have some attempts, then moving well into the future to get more detail. The Timeline has a record of the events, without the details.

Early Episodes

Notes and thoughts from the Journals of Aryn Mordan-Vaylar Episodes 1-3 Ayrn: “We were lucky to make it safely out of that last scrap. I blame myself. We were following my plan, and it almost lead to Caleb’s and Micki’s death. We were ill prepared for the fight, and then once we tricked our way to victory, we were forced to dispatch the bandits in the night and in the dark. That was most distasteful”.

“I propose that we engage in more caution. As much as I want to emulate my hero, ” Ayrn raises his mug, “Even he started young and inexperienced. Perhaps I am too eager to be there, having watched friends grow up, and move on my whole life. As we move ahead, I think we should seek a path that we can manage.”

“I also suggest we think more about battle. We are fighting as individuals. We need to think as a team. We cannot leave Micki and Caleb isolated again from Grundur or me. Even Tracil needs some space.”

Micki: “I have to say it is nice to have a big armored person close by to duck behind, since most everyone is bigger than me that shouldn’t be too hard. The excitement of a fight is hard to beat but one has to live through it to truly savor the experience, so having group coordination sounds like a good thing.” Micki looks around at the surrounding wilderness and Tarcil busy with his map and sighs, “Mapping, ugh, what a dull charter. Still we may run into some dangerous wildlife that we can clear out, I can always hope anyway.”

Several days later…

Ayrn: “It has been a much more fruitful month. This is a lawless land, full of bandits and foul creatures. It does not need to be mapped; it needs to be tamed!” Ayrn finished his sentence slamming his now empty mug down for effect.

Tarcil: “I am surprised at how many people are this far south of civilization… it’s a lot more populated than we thought…” “Bodes well for the future of this area and possible development. Oleg stands a chance to get in on the ground floor.”

Ayrn: “Provided we all survive long enough to deal with the things out there.”

Caleb: “ Wooden walls and a roof provided a degree of security but right now I felt even that lacked the fortitude of stone. I nursed my drink hoping it would be a salve to my wounded pride. Looking back, my reaction was more severe than I would normally allow. But what was I expecting? Another giant trapdoor spider or something more? Staring into those vacant insect eyes and feeling the brush of their coarse hairs reminded me of something. Flashes of purple spines and webbed blades. Huge shapes slipping almost silently in the cold dark. A frozen plateau, a word, Lang? Leng? Fevered dreams or forgotten memories? Ayrn’s declaration wakes me from my reverie. list of websites . My friends are excited about what we’ve uncovered so far and what it could mean for the future of these lands. I glance out into the yawning maw of night and my blood could hear the promise of unhallowed secrets. Waiting just for me. “I hate nature…”

Ayrn: “Better not let Micki hear you say that.”

Excerpt from Ayrn's Journal, “Thoughts on Swords and Worms”

The past several days have been interesting to say the least. The other groups are starting to build more traffic in the Stolen Lands, perhaps even asking others to start to settle the area. We cannot even move in that direction unless we take care of the Stag Lord. We are more ready for that then we where several weeks ago. Have to take out those mites. Still, I feel some pressure to move forward.

We helped another cleric to the old Bear Temple. I have to say it is looking better. From there we found a boggard living in ruins in a swamp by itself. It was hard to see it alone. I understand being cut off from one’s people.

Along the way we have encountered a rogue, Vashrah, who is good with a bow. Not a bad looker either.

We finally encountered not one, but three, worms that clearly had been attacking travelers for some time. They posed a pretty big threat, but we managed to take them down. I am not sure how Tarcil managed to get free of the one that grabbed him. I was glad our rouge friend was along.

The dead had quite a number of weapons on them. I think we are equipped to take on the mites at least. They will be a good test on how we might fare against the Stag Lord.

Episode 5: Turn About Journal of Aryn Valyar: Wyrms in the Forests

Ayrn: “Tarcil I can easily wield the Axe and Sword. You take one of these for yourself. We need you able to stay safe. I am not sure where we would be at this point without your advice”.

Tarcil: Well, that is mighty kind of you. I will take you up on your offer. Of course you may find it “handy” to have a weapon you can so quickly throw always available. I certainly will put this to good use….cold iron can always come in handy when dispatching certain evil nasties.

Journal of Ayrn Valya: “Kobalds and Mites” Despite Grunduar’s protests, our use of the kobolds in the silver mine to help defeat the mites worked out well. Tarcil and Miki are pretty sure we can turn the Kobalds to follow Erastil. As we move towards consolidation of this area, they could be useful mining for us. Maybe this can be the start of something wonderful. Kobalds are annoying but have a hard lot in life. Maybe for once, something better can be done. I have worked on a flag and crest with the party. Maybe we are dreaming big, but I think we can do something positive here to make a lasting difference.

Erastus 4714: Landshark

•Caleb hears of a Land shark to the West towards Varnhold, and Ayrn suggests an expedition because of boredom, and those areas need to be explored. Taalen and Vern, fresh in from the long way from Varnhold, overhear and are interested as it is towards their home, and that Ayrn appears territorially expansive in that direction. •Grundar was busy helping Hargood with a prison break. •The Team explores the two hexes to the East (HA5,HC5), killing a land shark and chimera, repsectivly. Micki took the hides, to convert the land shark into armor and the Chimera for a nice wall hanging. In the Breath attack, most of the mounts died, and Taalen was near death. Both fights were over in less than two rounds. •News breaks that Varhold has ceased all communications with the outside world.

Lamashan 4714: Expedition to Varnhold

Setting out to explore what had happened to Varnhold returned a few days later, leading back refugees from an attack on the farms closest to Varnhold. By a group of cyclops. Aaron assembled the group including Barry, Hagrood and Vashra to go to Varnhold to discover what was going on. Following the tracks of the cyclops, Ayrn and Mickey were able to lead them into a mountain pass an ambush point. The group had a hard-fought battle against cyclops ease. Emerged Victorious and hurt. Ayrn led the team to the outskirts of the where they camped for the night after exploring the cave works I'm securing several magic items well prepared group of cyclops.

Seriously concerned for of the Kingdom Ayrn instructed Vashra, Hargrood and Barry to return to Stagfell in the morning. Grunduar worked with Hagrood on plans to prepare The Watch for an attack. Miki worked with Vashra to form a plan to personally guard the Leviton’s, as they travel back and forth. Barry was charged to take a message straight to the Queen, that if she did not hear back from Ayrn by the end of the month, she was to construct a fort in the ruined farm hex and deploy the Kings Rangers to that fort. Barry was to use a sending spell when this had been accomplished. The next morning the trio set off group backtracked towards the fort Vern and Taalen said had been built by the city of Varnhold. They found the fort open it was as if everybody suddenly stood up and orderly left the fort. Fearing the worst the group made haste to the city of Varnhold, and it too was completely abandoned. While searching Taalen’s home and other homes in the area, it was clear that somebody had looted the homes the absence of their owners. During their investigation of the city they were call fae, which were easily bested by the party.

The group moved on towards the Nomen Tribe of Centaurs in a heavy rain, taking 5 days to cover the ground. On day 6, the Nomen approach the team and Ayrn formally asked for treaty with their leader. They are taken to the High Priestess and explain the situation. The Group then left their mounts and headed south to a cyclops graveyard from before the time of man. The ascend towards the spire of an what they assume is an undead creature. They easily best a Zombie and summoned cloud, and noticed a Raven spying on them, but it teleported away. They used their folding boat to cross to the island and bedded down for the night. The next morning, the team entered the ancient fortress and began a long drive to find and end what they were now convinced was an ancient Lich. They fought through several guards and traps, eventually finding the missing Nomen princess. Keeping her well to the rear, the beleaguered group pushed ahead to confront undead in thrall to a mighty Lich.

Along the way, they found gruesome evidence of the undead eating townsfolk. The horror of the plight of Varnhold grew, and their determination to put this evil to sword, axe and fire grew. At last, they found the chambers of their foe.

This was the fight they expected. Grunduar charged the Lich, while the rest of the group engaged the other undead. The dwarf Paladin reared back to strike and, at a touch, the lich paralyzed him. Aghast, Tarcil pulled Grunduar to safety. Taalen had an answered prayer and was able to restore Grunduar to action. As the fight wore on, the undead fell. Again, Grunduar faced his foe, and again, he was paralyzed.

But the fight was taking its toll on the Lich, as Ayrn fought the Undead, the spell casters burned and tore away at the ancient evil. Finally, the Lich fell, and the group signed in relief. It would be a day before Taalen could restore Grunduar and Farra, who were both paralyzed. The party searched the room, and were astonished to discover the dread lich kept his phylactery on his person. The took the evil artifact from his eye, the very thing that let him take the souls. They also found soul jars and released the soul of a townsfolk. Seeing her immediate trauma, they kept the rest of the jars closed, until they could return to Stagfell and priests to minister to the people. After a day’s rest, Taalen restored those paralyzed, and using Taalen’s mystical mounts, they tore across the countryside to Stagfell. Ayrn ordered Miki to take flight as a bird, and tell the Noman High Priestess what had happened, and that the Sovereign Monarch of Thylicia would welcome her at Castle Stagfell where he would Treat with her. Miki was then to fly back to Stagfell, and in fact, she beat them there.

The Queen and Miki met the rest of the party returning to Stagfell, and together they road into the city to much fanfare. There was much work to be done in running the Kingdom, and as soon as they arrived, the Founders were set to work. At Ayrn’s request, Vern oversaw the preparation of quarters for the coming centaur delegation. Taalen worked with the priests to prepare to revive the few remaining citizens of Varnhold. After a busy week of solid government work, the remaining Varnhold citizens were revived and offered entry into Thylicia, which they accepted. The High Priestess had a reunion with her daughter, and also accepted the treaty offer from Ayrn. The City broke into a great celebration, as the tension from the threat form the West broke.

Arodus 4715: Owls, Flytraps, and Chimera, Oh My!

The month of Lamashan 4714 was stressful for the Thylicia. While the Lich which all but destroyed Varnhold was defeated, the King had to race back to a Kingdom in distressed state. Unseasonable heavy rains destroyed crops. Rumors of disaster were starting, until Miki flew in to report the defeat of the Lich. An overjoyed Queen Fiona, road out to meet the returning heroes, who had been rejoined by Miki.

Moving to work, the Varhold souls left were returned to the world, and ministered too by priests of Sarenae. As the backlog of work for the Kingdom was done, Ayrn added drafting Treaties to Tarcil’s duties. By the end of the month, the Nomen and Varnhold were united with the Kingdom of Thylicia.

After several months of consolidation and expansion, rumors of trouble once again make it to the ears to the Founders. Fishermen were missing at the edge of the Varhold Territories. Miki and Caleb organized a plan and brought it to Ayrn. Again, tired of just rule, Aryn jumped at the chance to lead the Founders into the field. Vashra asked to come along, as Grunder was on a holiday in Garass.

The group set out towards the Nomen Heights, taking a new pathway, exploring along the way. Excitingly, they discovered a rich iron deposit which Ayrn marked down to be a new mine. Seeing giant owls overhead, Ayrn initiated contact, and Miki negotiated with them, promising not to destroy their range with settlement. Taalen rolled his eyes at Aryn’s commented on air cavalry in the future.

Ayrn also discussed Peerage for Vern and Vashara, promising them Peerage in the next Ennobling Proclamation. Taalen turned down an offer to be High Priest.

Moving into a valley, there was a partially sunken boat. Ayrn and Tarcil moved to explore the area, and Aryn was attacked by a giant fly trap. While Ayrn did significant damage too it, he was promptly trapped between the deadly leaves. The rest of the party came to his aid, and quickly, the magical plant was dead. It was clear this was what killed the fishermen. Taalen said some words over the area.

Moving deeper, the group head what sounded like whispering voices around several holes in the ground. Miki turned into a snake and poked her head in. She say a gem mine, but before she could report it, 6 Chimera attacked the party. After a tense fight, all 6 were killed, with the final being killed mid air by Miki and Very as an air elemental and using fly spell respectively.

Ayrn noted that he was taking a skin to hang behind his throne.

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