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Kingmaker Adventure Journal

A History by Tarcil the Mythologist

These are incomplete, as I did not keep great logs at first. We have some attempts, then moving well into the future to get more detail. The Timeline has a record of the events, without the details. As the events of the first two books are not documented in a campaign dairy as such but built on memory and the text of the books themselves. I have done the best I can to piece together the events. I am sure of much of what is described, but not as sure of the sequence of events based on the non-linear format of the books. The first adventures were played in 2013 – Bryan

The following is a history of the adventures of the Founders of Thylicia and their Companions. The Exploration Charter was first given to the individuals who would become the Founders in Pharast (March) 4710.


“Tax” Collectors Defeated

When the newly formed party arrived, they were greeted warmly by Svetlana, who had prepared a hearty stew, warm bread, and has even a bottle of wine to thank them for coming to their aid. Oleg made sure to be busy repairing a leak in the roof over the and when he climbed down to greet them, he was sweaty and gruff. While Oleg liked the idea of having extra help to defend against the bandits, he was disturbed by the implications that the group was being sent to explore the Greenbelt.

When the Levetons realized that the young adventures were not there expressly to aid them, Oleg grew upset. Svetlana humbly asked the group for assistance, offering them free room and board for the night to help deal with the bandits the next day. The Bandits attacked three months ago, and they return the first day of each month for the past three months, within an hour of sunrise. They threatened to burn down the post and take Svetlana and rape her. As the next day is the 1st of Pharast, Svetlana was certain the bandits would return. They always seemed eager to hit and run, so she felt their camp was a day’s ride away. Appalled at the bandits getting this far north, the party is more than willing to stand up to the bandits. Little did the group know then how important this day would become in the future.

The next morning, the group ambushed the bandits, killing most of them in a quick battle, but managing to capture their leader, Happs Bydon. After some persuasion, he admits to being led by a woman named Kressle. The party takes his Stag Lord silver amulet and the bandit’s clothes and find out the location of their camp. They ask Oleg to have the captive turned over to the next group headed back.

Svetlana asks if the party can find her wedding band, she would dearly love it returned. Ayrn makes a personal promise on this regard.

Disaster at the Bandit Camp

Heading south through the forest, the group explored and discovered the radish patch Svetlana asked the group to find. Laying about it, were four sick Kobolds who choose to fight to the “death” to defend “their” patch. Defeated, the group stripped them of their weapons and sent them away, figuring that if they could make the trip home all but naked, they would live. They made note and promised themselves to collect these upon their return. But they had bandits in their sites. Ten miles south of the glade with the delicacies, lay the Thorn River Camp. This was their objective.

Pretending to be Stag Lord Bandits the group works to infiltrate Kressle’s group at the Thorn River Camp. Ayrn and Tracil try to talk, with Grundur and the caster in back. It did not go well. A skirmish started, and Grundur changed into the fray. The archers in the camp towers began firing, and one struck Caleb. He dashed under the tower to be safe from arrow fire. In reprisal, he uses Burning Hands to fire up through the tower at the threat. The fight rages, but the party finally mange to turn the tide. Kressle used Dust of Dust of Disappearance. Licking their wounds, the group regrouped and recovered at Oleg’s.

Conversation Recorded by Tarcil Ayrn: “We were lucky to make it safely out of that last scrap. I blame myself. We were following my plan, and it almost led to Caleb’s and Micki’s death. We were ill prepared for the fight, and then once we tricked our way to victory, we were forced to dispatch the bandits in the night and in the dark. That was most distasteful”. “I propose that we engage in more caution. As much as I want to emulate my hero,” Ayrn raises his mug, “Even he started young and inexperienced. Perhaps I am too eager to be there, having watched friends grow up, and move on my whole life. As we move ahead, I think we should seek a path that we can manage.” “I also suggest we think more about battle. We are fighting as individuals. We need to think as a team. We cannot leave Micki and Caleb isolated again from Grundur or me. Even Tracil needs some space.” Micki: “I have to say it is nice to have a big armored person close by to duck behind, since most everyone is bigger than me that shouldn’t be too hard. The excitement of a fight is hard to beat but one has to live through it to truly savor the experience, so having group coordination sounds like a good thing.” Micki looks around at the surrounding wilderness and Tarcil busy with his map and sighs, “Mapping, ugh, what a dull charter. Still we may run into some dangerous wildlife that we can clear out. I can always hope anyway.”


Trapdoor Spider

Staying outside the woods for a while, they group found an area with the skeletons of boars, deer, bears, and a few humans. This was the lair of a trapdoor spider. Thus, began Caleb’s journey into the hatred of nature. After a quick battle, the party defeated the spider and finds a bandit body, with another Stag Lord Amulet and a map to a tree over an “X” pointing to something buried.

Bokkon’s hut

The group journey’s to see Bokken, about 15 miles from Oleg’s and he asks them to gather supplies for him, telling him where there is a patch of rare Thornberries (Ed Note: really rare, as the players misremembered Fangberries as Thornberries and it stuck much to the bemusement of the GM)

Old Tree and Mites

Looming over all the hills in the northern Kamelands, there was a graying hulk of a sycamore tree clinging precariously to its last years of life. The 100-foot-tall tree was a well-known landmark and visible for miles around—but was also well known to be infested with mites. The group was able to see the mites from afar and decided to avoid the mites for the moment and press on in their exploration.

Further south, they find the dead tree and treasure marked treasure and dug up Digging up the cache which is wrapped in a heavy leather cloak and consists of a masterwork dagger, a wand of burning hands (CL 2nd, 4 charges), a silver ring worth 75 gp, and a spell book.

As the party explored the low hills, they discovered a hidden Gold Mine. They made careful note of this fact and decided to keep it to themselves. They had a mission and were not about to start a mining operation, especially in these wildlands.


Temple of the Elk and Erasitl

Returning to Oleg’s the party encounters Jhod Kavken, exiled priest of Erastil. He asked the heroes to seek out a lost temple of Erastil somewhere to the south. He warned them that a large bear seems to be guarding the site, and that something isn’t quite “right” about the bear. The party set back out into the forest in order to find the forgotten temple. As they journeyed Southwest, the encountered many traps set by a hunter, they later found out was named Breeg Orlivanch. The group spends time disabling the traps, which are a hazard not only to wildlife but people.

As they searched the forest, they found Breeg Orlivanch, killed by one of his own traps, which delighted the party that this particular menace was over. Continuing the search, the group found and ignored a hot spring with giant frogs, leaving that menace for another day. At last they found the Temple of the Elk, hidden in the forest. They confronted the mad bear, a former priest of Erastil trapped in bear form. Defeating it, they are able to free him, and restore the temple. Upon return to Oleg’s they told Jhod Kavaken who was able to move to the area and start to restore the temple.

Deeper in the forest the found an ancient statue to Erastil, humanoid with a deer head that stood before an old hunting lodge, now long gone.

Dead Unicorn Mystery

The body of a dead unicorn proved a mystery to the party. Its horn had clearly been removed after it had been slain, but they could out figure out how it died.

Cult Circle Summoning

Ill rumors found their way to the party’s ears, and they hurried south to investigate. What they found was a dark summoning circle and a foul ritual. In a hard fight, they managed to kill the dark wizard and end his unknown plot.

Saving the Thylacine and finding the Thornberries (Fangberries in book) and facing the spider swarm

Tangled in a pit surrounded by a thicket, the party found a trapped Thylacine. The were able to able rescue her, and Ayrn adopted the grateful creature, naming her Farrah.

The group was then able to find the Thornberries, in a thicket. These rare berries grew in a long thing valley between two low hills. Unfortunately, most of the thicket was covered in spider webs. The party was faced with a swarm of spiders who picked Caleb as their first target. Ayrn was unable to help. Eventually the swarm was defeated, and the group was able to collect the Thornberries for Bokken.

*Journal of Ayrn Valyar: “Thoughts on the Wilderness”*

Ayrn: “It has been a much more fruitful month. This is a lawless land, full of bandits and foul creatures. It does not need to be mapped; it needs to be tamed!” Ayrn finished his sentence slamming his now empty mug down for effect.

Tarcil: “I am surprised at how many people are this far south of civilization… it’s a lot more populated than we thought…” “Bodes well for the future of this area and possible development. Oleg stands a chance to get in on the ground floor.”

Ayrn: “Provided we all survive long enough to deal with the things out there.”

Caleb: “ Wooden walls and a roof provided a degree of security but right now I felt even that lacked the fortitude of stone. I nursed my drink hoping it would be a salve to my wounded pride. Looking back, my reaction was more severe than I would normally allow. But what was I expecting? Another giant trapdoor spider or something more? Staring into those vacant insect eyes and feeling the brush of their coarse hairs reminded me of something. Flashes of purple spines and webbed blades. Huge shapes slipping almost silently in the cold dark. A frozen plateau, a word, Lang? Leng? Fevered dreams or forgotten memories? Ayrn’s declaration wakes me from my reverie. / My friends are excited about what we’ve uncovered so far and what it could mean for the future of these lands. I glance out into the yawning maw of night and my blood could hear the promise of unhallowed secrets. Waiting just for me. “I hate nature…”

Ayrn: “Better not let Micki hear you say that.”

Barbarian’s Cairn

In the planes past the woods, stood alone cairn, the burial place of a barbarian leader. Hidden in blackberry bushes, the party almost missed the cairn. The group debated on even if they should disturb it at all. In the end, they were respectful and did disturb the cairn, and restored it when they were done, leaving the ring they found.

Garuum the Boggard

Exploring the Narlmarches, the party encountered ruined stone buildings inhabited by Garuum the boggard and his living crown, a male slurk. As the boggard was not aggressive or a danger, the group made peace with him, and left him to his “kingdom”. When Thylicia later claimed this region, Garuum fell under the protection of the Crown.

Tatzlwyrms lair

In a remote section of the Skunk river there was a ford created by sandy sholes. Since dredged by the kingdom, this created a natural choke point in the river which was home to two tatzlewyrms. The group was able to make quick work of these creatures and noted this area might be good for a settlement one day. When the man would become Lord Rezbin came looking to settle, this was the area he choose. Wanting to name the area after the defeated foe, Ayrn overruled him and said the settlement could be names “Rezbin”. Little did anyone know when the wyrms were killed, how key the city of Rezbin would be to the Hooktounge Slough

*Journal of Ayrn Valyar: “Thoughts on Swords and Worms”*

The past several days have been interesting to say the least. The other groups are starting to build more traffic in the Stolen Lands, perhaps even asking others to start to settle the area. We cannot even move in that direction unless we take care of the Stag Lord. We are more ready for that then we where several weeks ago. Have to take out those mites. Still, I feel some pressure to move forward. We helped another cleric to the old Bear Temple. I have to say it is looking better. From there we found a boggard living in ruins in a swamp by itself. It was hard to see it alone. I understand being cut off from one’s people. Along the way we have encountered a rogue, Vashrah., who is good with a bow. Not a bad looker either. We finally encountered not one, but three, worms that clearly had been attacking travelers for some time. They posed a pretty big threat, but we managed to take them down. I am not sure how Tarcil managed to get free of the one that grabbed him. I was glad our rouge friend was along. The dead had quite a number of weapons on them. I think we are equipped to take on the mites at least. They will be a good test on how we might fare against the Stag Lord.

Ayrn: “Tarcil I can easily wield the Axe and Sword. You take one of these for yourself. We need you able to stay safe. I am not sure where we would be at this point without your advice”.

Tarcil: Well, that is mighty kind of you. I will take you up on your offer. Of course you may find it “handy” to have a weapon you can so quickly throw always available. I certainly will put this to good use….cold iron can always come in handy when dispatching certain evil nasties.

Tuskgutter the Boar

The highly aggressive boar, nicknamed Tuskgutter presented a significant danger in the area. The heroes cornered Tuskgutter a hollow under a large fallen pine tree, in a den of littered bones. They dispatched the beast.

The Undead at the Nettle’s crossing

Davik Nettles was a retired Brevic engineer who once ran a toll bridge until being murdered by the Stag Lord. His uneasy spirit stalked the area, seeking vengeance against the Stag Lord. Unable to leave the area, he could not find rest until the Stag Lord is dead. The Party did not attack, but talked to the poor soul, and promised to throw the Stag Lord’s lifeless body into the river after he was defeated.


Return to the Mites to wipe them out Finding the Statue Kobolds will need

Now feeling experienced enough to deal with the mites, the group heads to the ancient tree and into the caves below. They were able to dispatch the mites and found an odd statue in the process and, Svetlana’s missing wedding ring.

Kobolds and defeat of the false shaman and make allies

Moving boldly south, the party confronted the Kobolds in the area. It was clear they were being stirred up by their leader, who was in actuality a cursed gnome. The party rid the Kobolds on this dangerous “leader” and Chief Scootscales took over again. They returned to him the statue recovered from the mites, and introduced the group to Erastil, sending the Chief and key community members to study, moving this tribe away from evil and towards a more neutral disposition.

*Journal of Ayrn Valyar: “Kobalds and Mites”*

Despite Grunduar’s protests, our use of the kobolds in the silver mine to help defeat the mites worked out well. Tarcil and Miki are pretty sure we can turn the Kobalds to follow Erastil. As we move towards consolidation of this area, they could be useful mining for us. Maybe this can be the start of something wonderful. Kobalds are annoying but have a hard lot in life. Maybe for once, something better can be done. I have worked on a flag and crest with the party. Maybe we are dreaming big, but I think we can do something positive here to make a lasting difference.

Defeat of Staglord

Now ready to confront the real disruption in the land, the group scouted the ruins that were the base of the Stag Lord. After much discussion, they decided to try sneaking in. The resulting battle was brutal, with Ayrn, in front with his dwarf companion, taking blow after blow. Final victory over the drunken bandit leader came just in time, as Ayrn staggered down. However, victory was theirs and the bandit stalking the land was defeated.

They threw his body into the river and the undead Nettle could have peace. The group returned to Oleg’s almost a year after they had started. The Staglord was no more.

Book 2

The Foundation of Thylicia

Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry, having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the culling of hostile monsters and indigenous hazards, are hereby granted the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and the wellbeing of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy’s goodwill, such that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial. So witnessed under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

On Pharast (March) 1st, 4711, Ayrn Mordun-Valyar read these words aloud and founded the Kingdom of Thylicia. The reality is a large tent city at the crossing of the Three Rivers. But a Fishery and Farms are quickly established. The settlers from Brevoy and Restov are eager to start their new lives It is not until Desnus (May) until the Capitol, Stagfell is founded.

In the first weeks, in a large tent, Ayrn woked with the likes of Drunduar Donderson. Drundur would go on to build the aptly named Founder’s Taverna First Inn in Roval (September) finally giving the Founders a place to rest and hold court outside a tent, much to the relief of Caleb.

It was in Erastus (July) of that year where the Kobolds joined the fledgling nation, driving home its multiracial nature. In Lamashan (October) Galie Balikson arrived and brought his architectural skill and helped the would be king plan the city to be and designed Castle Mordun. Galie Balikson would go on to be the Royal Architect for Thylicia.

By the new year, Stagfell had attracted the rich Conley Family who established the Crystal Feather Magic Shop. It was clear the new nation was now a source for not just the downtrodden.

The Founder’s adventures in exploring and taming the Greenbelt would take the rest of 4711, all of 4712, and a good deal of 4713. When they were not adventuring, they were personally seeing to their jobs within the Kingdom:

  • Ayrn: King (Ruler)
  • Tarcil: Minister of State (Grand Diplomat)
  • Grundur: General
  • Miki: Marquee (Marshal)
  • Caleb: Keeper of the Keys (Spymaster)

They would spend much time on claiming and developing the lands of the Greenbelt, and building up their population, establishing other cities, such as Silverwarren, Ashrak, Rezbin, and Coppertree.

Exploration of the Greenbelt

The Founders were now focused on expanding into the Greenbelt. They had already been using a rough map of the Stolen Lands, which Tracil was dutifully expanding as they went. They divided the land into hexagonal regions 12 miles across, which were a little over 93.53 square miles. The then started a more systematic search of the Greenbelt, surveying land and clearing it for future settlers. They set off into the land. They decide to start northwest, along the edge of the Narlmarches and work south.

Allies in the Woods

Deep in the Narlmarches, Tiressia the Dryad and her lover the Satyr Falchos are threatened by an monstrous scythe tree. The Founders greet the lovely Tiressia who plays the damsel in distress with Falchos hiding in the trees. The players were more the willing to deal with this evil, and while the emergence of Falchos ends any ideas the men of the party have romantically, they promise to kill the tree.

The fight goes easily for the party, you use fire at range, and create water to stop any spread. Upon return, the grateful dryad gives the party Feather Tokens to create trees and promises to keep the party informed. Ayrn pledges to protect them both. While she offers them her weapons, the party demurs, noting she needs them, taking only the feathers and the offered healing potions and wand.

The party moved forward to explore the forest to the west and encountered a tense stand-off. A band of freelance loggers under the leadership of a man named Corax had recently decided to harvest a grove of coachwood trees in this glade, unaware that a nixie sorceress lives in the pool. The nixie, Melianse, did not take kindly to the loggers despoiling her home and unsuccessfully attempted to scare them off with ghost sound and obscuring mist. When that tactic failed, Melianse charmed two of the lumberjacks, who stood guard in front of her pool. Since both men were good workers, Corax resisted the urge to fight through his onetime employees but was fast losing patience with the nixie afraid the blow to his reputation in his men’s eyes if he dithered.

The Founders immediately intervened, frowning on the Corax’s actions. Tarcil immediately goes to work on both and negotiates the release for the loggers. Ayrn and Miki both are aware of a coachwood grove to the north. Miki offers the use of the Feather Tokens to replace the trees and advises the lumberjacks that they should only cut where Miki suggests. Miki further talks to the nixie and suggests her guidance in the future. Again, the Founders have made an ally, and Ayrn swears his protection for her and her grove.

The group is rather please with themselves, having made allies of fey in two days, feeling this might secure them in the future, if they are in conflict with refuges from the First World, little knowing these fariee were already disliked by the architect of the storm which would befall their kingdom.

Mad Hermit

Moving South, the party encounter the Mad Hermit, the younger brother of Bokken. Because of their contact with Bokken, the party is not taken in by the crazed rouge and are able to dispatch him.

Freeing the Lizardfolk

Headed to the river, the party hears the cries of human children. They find Lizardfolk keeping them in cages and torturing them at the behest of and “ancestor sprit” It is clear to Miki that this is really a Wil-o-sip, feeding on the fear of the children. The party is able to defeat the wisp

Hargood joins in trip to Candelmere Tower and the defeat of the Willowisps and convince the tribes King, Vesket that it was a fraud. With strong diplomacy on the part of the party, the Lizardfolk release the children. Vesket states there are more “sprits” on the island in the middle of the lake. When the party says the plan to head there, he gives them the “Spirit’s” treasure, including a ring of water walking, which Ayrn claims, but then notes Grundur can use it more. The Founders invite Vesket to travel to the Temple of Erastil, much as they did the Kobolds. Vesket sends with the party on of their great warriors, Hargood, who would be Grundur’s cohort, and eventually Warden of the Watch.

The party uses its floating boat, with Grundur pulling it using the ring of water walking and go to the old tower on the island in Candelmere. The whole area has a magical effect of fear, which has attracted wisps to feed. Based on Miki’s experience with the last one, she notes she can use magic to give everyone resistance to electrical damage. The party soon discovers they are immune to the creatures attacks, and they stop using any charges of wands and simply slay them all. The area cleared, the party returns to the growing settlement of Stagfell.


The party finds not all is well in Stagfell, as a young woman who works at the First Inn has been murdered by what sounds like a werewolf. Also dead is Beven, a herder. A half dozen sheep were also killed. The party is able to track the killings to a traveler, Kundal. They find the unfortunate Kundal and are able to capture him and get him cured by Jhod.

Worg on the Prowl

The Kamelands are full of predators and hungry beasts, and the worst are those who can think and reason. One such menace, a cruel and cunning worg named Howl-of-the-North-Wind, has claimed a large section of the Kamelands as his territory; he and his pack of ferocious wolves are quick to attack any intruders, pursuing them for miles if need be to finish the job.

Alerted by the citizens of Stagfell, the Founders head East to kill the menace, and easily deal with the large worg and its pack of wolves. They continued on, following the map they found with the Mad Hermit to the Lonely Barrow.

Lonely Barrow

The isolated barrow mound of a fallen barbarian warrior-king stood in this section of the Kamelands for untold thousands of years. Over time, the earth near the mound subsided, opening a crack in the side of the tomb and awakening the warlord’s undead guardians, who were sworn to defend their lord and his sepulcher even beyond death. The warlord himself, now known as the Lonely Warrior, had risen as an undead blasphemy himself. Still bound inside his crypt, he raged against the walls of his prison, dreaming dark dreams of conquest and blood. Yet for all their wrath and hatred, the undead of the Lonely Barrow have relatively little impact on the surrounding terrain. This, along with the fact that the tomb is not easily distinguished from the other grassy knolls dotting the landscape, means that the barrow went overlooked.

The Founders followed the map they obtained and entered into the crypt. They purged it of the undead guardians and rendered it safe. The bodies they left behind now rest in peace.


On their explorations as they moved back to Stagfell, the group took on Old Crackjaw, killing the giant turtle, who had a keen interest in Miki’s gnomish flesh. However, they took the dead body back to Stagfell and Drundur at the Founder’s Inn, who made a mighty soup and mounted the shell in the Tavern.

The Rabble-Rouser Grigori

After a hard journey of exploration and the defeat of Worgs to the North, and the undead of the hidden crypt, the group finds Grigori standing amid townsfolk claiming the Founders are only enriching themselves and not Stagfell. Ayrn, in no mood for sedition, leaps from his horse and tackles the startled Grigori outright. Hauling him up, Ayrn calls out his sedition and lies in front of the townsfolk, clearly disrupting his hold. Ayrn’s friends notice the fear of the citizens and step in, with Tracil calming Ayrn, and Caleb stating that there is a jail, and that a holy paladin of Torag could be trusted to deal fairly with the rabble Rouser. Ayrn agrees and goes for a drink. Caleb and Torag take the man for a trial, find him guilty and sentence him to work in the mines of Silverwarren. While this causes some unrest, the Founders are more than able to manage it.


Back from the expedition and resting, the party is at the local Inn and Tavern, now called the Founder’s Tavern and First Inn. A new server, Fyonia Wyst, is serving. She is an Elf who has a clear Drow heritage. Her initial rebuff of Ayrn starts a romantic chase that will result in Fyonia marrying Ayrn and becoming Queen.

Old Beldame the Witch

The party goes seeking the “Witch” of the swamp and are able to lower her fears. They even find the tuskshrooms in the nearby mudbowl and have a new resource for their kingdom. Caleb is applled to again fight an aberration of nature, this time a Tendriculos to clear the resource.

Other Encounters

Other creatures the group is forced to deal with is an angry hill giant, deal with a cruel leucrota and kill a forest drake. I have no memory of any of these

Narthropple and the Gnomes

The Founders encountered the Narthropple Expedition, a group of gnomes exploring the Greenbelt, whose horse are stuck in the river. Between Ayrn and Miki, the party can free the horses. Tarcil uses his diplomatic prowess to trade information with the Gnome about sites on the map. While the Gnomes want to go on exploring, Barry Stroud a human mage with them does not. He has had enough of the wilderness and wants a change. He latches onto Miki as the person able to get him out and becomes her cohort.

The Cult of Gyronna

As Thylicia, and most importantly, Stagfell, as grown, Caleb’s Cohort tells him of the growing danger of a Gyronna Cult. The group is very concerned and take immediate action against the Hag goddess, worshiped is so much of the river Kingdoms. They find and deal with the cult. Ayrn is quoted as saying “I am for freedom of worship, but not the worship of foul gods and demons. Evil deeds follow the worship of evil in this world and demands the souls of the evil in the next.

Coronation and Wedding

On the Second Moonday of Lamashan (October), the 8th day of that month of the year 4712, Castel Mordun was opened. Ayrn is crowned King of Thylicia by Grundur. Then, with Tracil and Caleb at his side, and Fyonia with Vashra and Miki at hers, Grunder performed the ceremony to marry the King to his bride.

There are mass celebrations in the City and throughout the Kingdom. The Elven Moon Dance Hall is built to commemorate the events. Ayrn and Fyonia perform an elaborate dance after the wedding to the joy of those at the reception. By the end of the year, Thylicia would be connected by roads to Restov via Oleg’s Trading Post, now a strategic fort.

Founding of Rezbin

The Founders were approached by a ruddy, friendly, and energetic man named Loy Rezbin. He and his wife Latricia already have plans for a village deep in the Narlmarches at a ford on the Skunk River where, until recently, a pair of tatzlwyrms dwelt. They ask the PCs for support to get this village started. Ayrn agrees, but vetoes calling it Tatzlford, not wanting a settlement named after an enemy, and instead suggests Rezbin, after him and his wife. He also notes that Thylicia does not yet control that area, and to wait two months until the have extended control and roads to his location.

Now Something has stirred up the Trolls

The group faces Troll attacks caused blood and terror in the southern Greenbelt. Restov sends a charter ordering the new nation it sponsored to do something about this meance. The Founders move to face the Trolls who have taken up in an old dwarven fort. The group assaulted their fastness and burned them out, room by room, letting none escape. Make sure to burn every last bit of their bodies,

The Forgotten Keep

Long ago, before the fall of the Starstone, when the Verduran Forest stretched from the World’s Edge Mountains to the Lake of Mists and Veils, the elves built an outpost far to the north in what is now the northern River Kingdoms. When they fled Golarion at the onset of the Age of Darkness, the elves abandoned this outpost as they did so many others. Centuries later, after their return, they found that while humanity had overrun much of Avistan, the Stolen Lands had become a wilderness untouched by both elf and human. Moved by this, they left their ancient keep abandoned, and in the ensuing centuries even the elves forgot about it. Yet elven architecture is built to last, and the outpost, though now in ruins, has survived the passage of time mostly intact.

The keep was now home for a wicked fey, a baobhan sith. Her presence attracted other evil fey to the area. Dark fey preyed upon the infrequent travelers in the areas and enough hunters and trappers would go missing near the ruined keep that most gave it a wide berth. The Founders could not resist investigation.

Fighting Fey who controlled nature, the group grimly worked to eliminate the evil creatures in the old elven keep. They resist the charms of the “dancing lady” and kill the fey, who cursed Grundur, but her evil magic was no match for the iron will of a Paladin or Torag.

The loot included furniture that Ayrn commissioned sent back to Stagfell for the castle under construction.

Attack of the Owlbear

The Founders return and find an giant owlbear has attacked the settlement. There are destroyed buildings and dead citizens. Ayrn vows to track the owlbear to its lair. The Founders also agree it is time to establish a city guard and build walls around what would become the Castle and Military Districts.

They track the owlbear to its lair which includes attack by more spider swarms and a shamble. It also leads to the discovery that the person who sent it was tricked by somebody, into using a cursed ring which enraged the creature. Who?

The Founders could not be sure and turned to the care of Thylicia. Their next great adventure would come in 4714, with news their sister settlement, Varnhold, had gone silent. Ayrn would wait two months before leading an expedition to Varnhold, secure his beloved kingdom first.

Erastus 4714: Landshark

Caleb hears of a Land shark to the West towards Varnhold, and Ayrn suggests an expedition because of boredom, and those areas need to be explored. Taalen and Vern, fresh in from the long way from Varnhold, overhear and are interested as it is towards their home, and that Ayrn appears territorially expansive in that direction. Grundar was busy helping Hargood with a prison break. The Team explores to the East (HA5,HC5), killing a land shark and chimera, respectively. Micki took the hides, to convert the land shark into armor and the Chimera for a nice wall hanging. In the Breath attack, most of the mounts died, and Taalen was near death. Both fights were over in less than two rounds.

When the group gets back to Stagfell, news breaks that Varhold has ceased all communications with the outside world.

Lamashan 4714: Expedition to Varnhold

Setting out to explore what had happened to Varnhold, Taleen and Vern returned a few days later, leading back refugees from an attack on the farms closest to Varnhold. By a group of cyclops. Aaron assembled the group including Barry, Hagrood and Vashra to go to Varnhold to discover what was going on.

Following the tracks of the cyclops, Ayrn and Mickey were able to lead them into a mountain pass an ambush point. The group had a hard-fought battle against cyclops ease. Emerged Victorious and hurt. Ayrn led the team to the outskirts of the where they camped for the night after exploring the cave works I'm securing several magic items well prepared group of cyclops.

Seriously concerned for of the Kingdom Ayrn instructed Vashra, Hargrood and Barry to return to Stagfell in the morning. Grunduar worked with Hagrood on plans to prepare The Watch for an attack. Miki worked with Vashra to form a plan to personally guard the Leviton’s, as they travel back and forth. Barry was charged to take a message straight to the Queen, that if she did not hear back from Ayrn by the end of the month, she was to construct a fort in the ruined farm hex and deploy the Kings Rangers to that fort. Barry was to use a sending spell when this had been accomplished.

The next morning the trio set off group backtracked towards the fort Vern and Taalen said had been built by the city of Varnhold. They found the fort open it was as if everybody suddenly stood up and orderly left the fort. Fearing the worst the group made haste to the city of Varnhold, and it too was completely abandoned. While searching Taalen’s home and other homes in the area, it was clear that somebody had looted the homes the absence of their owners. During their investigation of the city they were call fae, which were easily bested by the party.

The group moved on towards the Nomen Tribe of Centaurs in a heavy rain, taking 5 days to cover the ground. On day 6, the Nomen approach the team and Ayrn formally asked for treaty with their leader. They are taken to the High Priestess and explain the situation. The Group then left their mounts and headed south to a cyclops graveyard from before the time of man. The ascend towards the spire of an what they assume is an undead creature. They easily best a Zombie and summoned cloud, and noticed a Raven spying on them, but it teleported away. They used their folding boat to cross to the island and bedded down for the night.

The next morning, the team entered the ancient fortress and began a long drive to find and end what they were now convinced was an ancient Lich. They fought through several guards and traps, eventually finding the missing Nomen princess. Keeping her well to the rear, the beleaguered group pushed ahead to confront undead in thrall to a mighty Lich.

Along the way, they found gruesome evidence of the undead eating townsfolk. The horror of the plight of Varnhold grew, and their determination to put this evil to sword, axe and fire grew. At last, they found the chambers of their foe.

This was the fight they expected. Grunduar charged the Lich, while the rest of the group engaged the other undead. The dwarf Paladin reared back to strike and, at a touch, the lich paralyzed him. Aghast, Tarcil pulled Grunduar to safety. Taalen had an answered prayer and was able to restore Grunduar to action. As the fight wore on, the undead fell. Again, Grunduar faced his foe, and again, he was paralyzed.

But the fight was taking its toll on the Lich, as Ayrn fought the Undead, the spell casters burned and tore away at the ancient evil. Finally, the Lich fell, and the group signed in relief. It would be a day before Taalen could restore Grunduar and Farra, who were both paralyzed. The party searched the room, and were astonished to discover the dread lich kept his phylactery on his person. The took the evil artifact from his eye, the very thing that let him take the souls. They also found soul jars and released the soul of a townsfolk. Seeing her immediate trauma, they kept the rest of the jars closed, until they could return to Stagfell and priests to minister to the people. After a day’s rest, Taalen restored those paralyzed, and using Taalen’s mystical mounts, they tore across the countryside to Stagfell. Ayrn ordered Miki to take flight as a bird, and tell the Noman High Priestess what had happened, and that the Sovereign Monarch of Thylicia would welcome her at Castle Stagfell where he would Treat with her. Miki was then to fly back to Stagfell, and in fact, she beat them there.

The Queen and Miki met the rest of the party returning to Stagfell, and together they road into the city to much fanfare. There was much work to be done in running the Kingdom, and as soon as they arrived, the Founders were set to work. At Ayrn’s request, Vern oversaw the preparation of quarters for the coming centaur delegation. Taalen worked with the priests to prepare to revive the few remaining citizens of Varnhold. After a busy week of solid government work, the remaining Varnhold citizens were revived and offered entry into Thylicia, which they accepted. The High Priestess had a reunion with her daughter, and also accepted the treaty offer from Ayrn. The City broke into a great celebration, as the tension from the threat form the West broke.

Arodus 4715: Owls, Flytraps, and Chimera, Oh My!

The month of Lamashan 4714 was stressful for the Thylicia. While the Lich which all but destroyed Varnhold was defeated, the King had to race back to a Kingdom in distressed state. Unseasonable heavy rains destroyed crops. Rumors of disaster were starting, until Miki flew in to report the defeat of the Lich. An overjoyed Queen Fiona, road out to meet the returning heroes, who had been rejoined by Miki.

Moving to work, the Varhold souls left were returned to the world, and ministered too by priests of Sarenae. As the backlog of work for the Kingdom was done, Ayrn added drafting Treaties to Tarcil’s duties. By the end of the month, the Nomen and Varnhold were united with the Kingdom of Thylicia.

After several months of consolidation and expansion, rumors of trouble once again make it to the ears to the Founders. Fishermen were missing at the edge of the Varhold Territories. Miki and Caleb organized a plan and brought it to Ayrn. Again, tired of just rule, Aryn jumped at the chance to lead the Founders into the field. Vashra asked to come along, as Grunder was on a holiday in Garass.

The group set out towards the Nomen Heights, taking a new pathway, exploring along the way. Excitingly, they discovered a rich iron deposit which Ayrn marked down to be a new mine. Seeing giant owls overhead, Ayrn initiated contact, and Miki negotiated with them, promising not to destroy their range with settlement. Taalen rolled his eyes at Aryn’s commented on air cavalry in the future.

Ayrn also discussed Peerage for Vern and Vashara, promising them Peerage in the next Ennobling Proclamation. Taalen turned down an offer to be High Priest.

Moving into a valley, there was a partially sunken boat. Ayrn and Tarcil moved to explore the area, and Aryn was attacked by a giant fly trap. While Ayrn did significant damage too it, he was promptly trapped between the deadly leaves. The rest of the party came to his aid, and quickly, the magical plant was dead. It was clear this was what killed the fishermen. Taalen said some words over the area.

Moving deeper, the group head what sounded like whispering voices around several holes in the ground. Miki turned into a snake and poked her head in. She say a gem mine, but before she could report it, 6 Chimera attacked the party. After a tense fight, all 6 were killed, with the final being killed mid air by Miki and Very as an air elemental and using fly spell respectively.

Ayrn noted that he was taking a skin to hang behind his throne.

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