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Fyonia Valyar, Queen of Thylicia

Fyonia is the daughter of Fyonia and Myshal Wyst. Fyonia’s name sake was a Drow theif who fled the Underdark when she rescued by the party lead by Myshal Wyst, an elven rouge. Fyonia is their second child, with her following after their son (looks normal elf). While both parents sought to have a settled life, Fyonia early on showed aspects of the dark lineage her mother left behind. Unwilling to stay settled, Fyonia set off with a band she met for adventure.

That experience resulted in the loss of most of her new friends, as they were in over their head. While Fyonia survived, she was looking for something more stable. Unwilling to live in a big city, she settled into working in the village of Stagfell, as she sees this as a new growing area. Her urge to adventure has been diminished, but she still looked for more excitement in life that tending bar.

Fyonia is an outgoing soul that is often able to get others energized. She suffers a good deal of bias due to her Drow skin and hair coloring, despite her good looks and engaging personality. Fyonia is not bitter, but sees these as challenges. She has an even temper, but her curiosity will still get her into trouble.

She met Ayrn when she was serving him at the Founder’s tavern. Struck by her beauty, he immediately asked her out. She demurred at his advance, and from that point on Ayrn was captivated by her. He began his pursuit, much to the consternation of other young human women who were former paramours.

Fyonia found she was fascinated by Aryn’s nature. While he was often playful and outgoing in public, it was his concern and care for others which won her own. Ayrn was clearly concerned not about his own power, but the welfare of the people of Thylicia.

115 when they met in 4712, Fyonia has grown up. She has helped Ayrn maintain his sense of whimsy, even when there have been dark times, even teaching him to dance. She has in turn learned administration, and is more than capable of leading Thylicia when the Sovereign Monarch is absent, though she often longs to journey with him.

Game Terms

In Game Terms, Fyiona is a Cohort of Ayrn via the Leadership Feat

Level 9 Sorceress (Arcane)

While wearing the Crown of the Consort, her stats are:

STR 9 : DEX 17 : CON 13 : INT 14 : WIS 12 : CHA 22

Her familiar as an Arcane Bloodline (taking after her father), is Charlottee the Scarlet Spider.


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