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Ayrn Mordun-Vaylar|

Class and Character Information

Class Ranger
Level 11
AlignmentNeutral Good
Campagin Trait Noble House: Garess
Position in KingdomKing
Position TitleSovereign Monarch
PeerageSovereign Monarch
PeerageEarl of Mordun
PeerageFounder, Comrade in Arms



Race EthnicityEyesHair
ElfCharacter Ages TableElfBlueBlack


Ayrn is an elf of noble appeance and demonor, with an easy smile and twinlke in his eye. Unlike many of the forlorn, Ayrn is quite jovial. His adoptive father was always considered quite frivolous for a Dwarf and got along better with the Elves anyway. Ayrn loves life, and can appear flippant at times, but he also is able to take seriously the drives and desires of other races, especially Dwarves and Humans.


Aryn was born the son of Valyar, an elf adventurer. Valyar had enough riches to settle down, and he found a wife, Sanyasa, and they had their son. Unfortunately, some enemies have long memories, and Vaylar and Sanyasa were both murdered in their home. Aryn was not killed thanks to the intervention of Angus Mordun, Valyar's old companion from his adventuring days. Mordun was able to stop the killers in time to save his friend’s son.

With no family close, Aryn was an orphan. Mordun, who had no wife, raised Aryn as a son. At first, they lived in the mountains in the dwarven stronghold, but as Ayrn grew and the danger from old enemies passed, Mordun moved them to Brevoy, so he could teach Ayrn the ways of a ranger. Ayrn learned his adoptive father’s craft well as he grew.

Mordun made sure his son learned the ways of the Dwarf and the Elf as well. Ayrn can speak both languages as a native, as well as common. At times Ayrn seems less reserved that is normal for an Elf, but he is far more graceful than his adoptive kin.

Ayrn is Forlorn, and watched his childhood friends grow to middle age, with families of their own, by the time he reached adulthood. He knew most of the Brevoy Dwarves when they were younger and played with many when they matched his development. His closest friend is the Paladin Dwarf, Grunduar, that is the son of his childhood friend.

Adventuring History

“Aryn easily feel into the role of leader for his little group. After the first year of adventure and defeat of the Stag Lord, he was the natural choice to lead the foundling settlement. Ayrn's leadership in six years since, has seen the growth of a stable, prosperous Kingdom of Thylicia. During this time, he met, wooed, and wed Fyonia Wyst, who now rules at his side.

Ayrn may be King, but he holds his fellow Founders in close counsel. He understands that their help is critical to the sucess of the Kingdom. These, and the others who have fought in the field along side him, he honors as The Comrades in Arms.

His son and Heir is Dayden Ayrn Galad Vaylar born Neth 3, 4717.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
Fyonia ValyarWifeQueenCohort
Dayden Ayrn Galad VaylarSonHeir to the Sovereign Monarch

Character Sheet


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