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Project Reintegra had multiple goals and an element of ‘see-what-happens’ but was largely about defusing the backlash from the Psionics Suppression Campaigns. The Imperial authorities correctly predicted that large numbers of people would be disaffected as a result of the suppression. Most would grumble a bit but accept the new way of things, but there would be some, perhaps many, who chose or felt they were forced to go underground. A proportion of these would become hardcore dissidents, unlikely to be placated, but many would hanker for a return to a more normal life. Project Reintegra was designed to assist in this process, or perhaps to lure as many potential dissidents out of hiding as possible.

Under the auspices of the project, identified psions who had no record of criminality were given jobs working for the project on condition they did not use their powers or teach others. How effective this was is an open question but at least some psions chose a comfortable job and high standard of living over persecution, and it is likely that some tensions were defused. Many Imperial researchers into psionics and related subjects were recruited from those who joined the program. In this, Project Reintegra was at least a modest success. It deflected potential revolutionaries and placated others. Lesser talented psions were guided into posts as research assistants, helping Imperial scientists develop a greater understanding of psionic powers.

Omicron Division was one of several subdivisions within the project. It started out as a grouping of the more talented psions and more knowledgeable nonpsions who chose to join the project. Those that could be trusted were sent out to seek others and bring them in or alert the authorities. More questionable individuals were kept in-house doing research or given tasks where their talents were useful. To this day, the Imperium maintains official psionics research projects. Many of these began or were augmented with Reintegra personnel, and over time the project morphed into something wider in scope.

The Psionics Suppressions were a success and as a result by 900 there were few psions to be reintegrated – but there were plenty of others still in hiding. Reintegra became a way ‘back in’ for psions and former dissidents of all kinds, typically outspoken academics and people who had been led astray by charismatic leaders. There were also minor criminals and possibly some major ones. In return for amnesty and generous rewards these talented-but-misguided people became available to the patrons of the project… the Imperial family.

Omicron Division also morphed, becoming an independent entity which was assigned personnel made available by Reintegra and others on secondment from the Imperial services. It is still ostensibly a private venture subcontracting to the Imperium in return for lavish funding, but in practice the organization has become an elite investigative and troubleshooting force whose remit comes directly from the Iridium Throne.

Increasingly, Omicron Division has been concerned with matters connected to the Ancients. It has digits in other pies but for the past few decades the emphasis has been on determining the extent of the ‘Ancients Threat’ and preparing to deal with it. Omicron Division deploys a great many lone agents and small teams but its main assets are carried aboard a fleet of experimental warships. These are TL15 vessels incorporating early TL16 equipment developed in the Imperium, along with recovered Ancients devices.

Omicron Division actively searches for Ancients sites and information about the Ancients in general. It works through catspaws as much as possible, funding promising Hunters or instigating local Imperial officials to do the actual field work. For Omicron Division to show itself a situation must be very serious and if intervention occurs it will be fast and aggressive. The Division operates under a full Imperial Warrant, which essentially says that all Imperial officials must assist it to the fullest of their abilities and that any action deemed necessary by Omicron Division’s commanders is sanctioned by the Imperium itself. This does not mean that personnel will not be held to account if they misbehave but if an Omicron commander deems it necessary to scrub all life on a planet, it will be done. If their report demonstrates the need was real they will be praised rather than sanctioned.

Omicron Division features prominently in these diatribes, which are for the most part patent nonsense. According to Insider261, Omicron Division is a secret Solomani organization dedicated to undermining the Imperium by ‘appropriation of cultural assets’ such as old books, artworks and alien artefacts. There are no records of Inisder261’s ‘revelations’ attracting any interest at the time, largely because the whole identity was invented long after the fact.

Today, it is common knowledge in the Ancients Hunter community that Insider261 was a Wannabee who made up a number of ridiculous theories. All have been shown to be baseless and are thoroughly discredited to the point where anyone who says they believe Omicron Division exists is essentially saying they are not a serious Ancients Hunter but a deluded noob. This represents one of the most successful intelligence coups of recent history, discrediting all evidence of the organization among the only people likely to investigate.

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