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Weiss Mobil

Weiss Mobil is the oldest family owned shipping businesses behind the claw. It has survived the last three Frontier Wars to thrive in Deneb and the Spinward Marches. Headquartered on Regina, the Weiss family has operated its prized business for several hundred years. Its current CEO is family Patriarch Maximillian Weiss.

Weiss Mobil operates a fleet of ships, moving cargo, people, and information throughout the systems behind the claw. They have levels of service catering to the full array of customers. This includes low cost, no frills, to high cost luxury. Their most expensive ship is the luxury vessel, the Weiss Mobil Queen of the Claw.

Weiss Mobil works to keep its ships in fine working order, no matter the job and engage in profit sharing with crew. These are key in allowing them to attract and keep quality employees. They are a favorite retirement for former naval enlisted and some officers, meaning that they crews that trend older than some other corporate line.

All in all, Weiss Mobil has a solid reputation, and is a type of organization possible when a family runs it instead of a board serving the interests of shareholders.

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