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At the start of the psionic suppressions , it was clear to some that despite a guerrilla war, that psions would end up persecuted and outlawed. At the time, some even felt that the reaction to the idea of a Zhodani 5th Column was, in fact, a Zhodani plot to undermine and damage the psionic acumen of the Imperium.

The organization that would become Mandala was formed by leaders of several different psionic institutes across not just the Marches, but the whole of the Imperium. It is rumored that at least one of the founders had a form of precognition to see the storm coming and the groundwork was already laid. Another legend says one member could form telepathic bonds across interstellar distances. Both seems unlikely, but whatever the truth, Mandala was formed to protect psions and support psionic research among the non-Zhodani Humaniti. Much of this early history is unknown, lost in the fighting of the time and the need to keep security.

In the modern era, Mandala is a background network of psions who operate within the underground psionic institutes and beyond them. Acting as both information transmission and a security force, Mandala is focused on keeping local and Imperial authorities at bay. Often, an institute will not even know who the Mandala agents among them are. Mandala recruits from the institutes for its organization. This includes leadership, support, operators, and agents. Agents are the sharp point of the stick for many situations to further the goals of Mandala and advancing psionic research and protecting the psionically endowed. Often, an individual agent is supported by a team of operators both behind the scenes and in the field with the Agent. Agents are usually powerful psions, with PSI scores of 12+ and skill in more than one power.

Mandala knows of Omicron as well as other Imperial organizations who touch upon psionic activities and research. It works to steer clear of Imperial psions so as not to attract attention. The Imperium knows Mandala exists, but does not fully comprehend the reach of the organization, nor its connection to so many places and institutes. Mandala is able to maintain security because of its mastery of telepathy and some key high tech devices gleaned from research, especially of some ancient psi-based technology.

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