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Maria and Lucas

1082 The team Dr. vin de Volk was leading had made an important discovery. There was an ancient device that seemed to respond to sophont presence. As they investigate the site, Imperial agents (Omicron) whos up on site. It is clear they plan to observe and secure the artifact if it proves as amazing at is seems. This is not the outcome Lucas and the team want, but they have little choice. However, things take a different path. One evening, when only Lucas in on the secure site, he sees a stunning women sneak into the dig. It is Maria who makes her way to the artifact. She notices Lucas watching her, winks at him, and then teleports away with the artifact.

MariaStealth +1
LucasAdmin +1

Lucas and David

1086 Lucas and David during Special Training where David was pilot.

LucasStealth +1
DavidPilot: Small Craft +1

David and Vincent

1094 David and Vincent met after the pirate incident as part of public relations campaign

DavidDiplomat +1
VincentAdvocate +1

Vincent and Maria

1094 Helped manage the controband Psi drugs and dealt with the evidence using an EVA

VincentDeception+ 1
MariaVacc Suit+1

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